Matt B.

  • Nickname: “Broughton” or “deeds” (long story)
  • Riding Since: Street 2008, Dirt on and off as a kid
  • Current Bike: 2006 Yamaha R6, 1999 Honda CR250R, 2007 CRF100F, 1999 Honda XR100
  • Past Bikes: 2001 Yamaha R6, 1997 CR125R
  • Riding Style: Track both on dirt and road, weekend blast through the backroads, commuting when I feel the itch
  • Most Asked Question: What is the best tire?

Motorcycling has always been a passion of mine but it took a backseat to bat and ball sports as I was growing up. Although I rode dirt bikes and four wheelers as a kid, I didn't purchase my own bike until my senior year in high school. From that moment on, I have been completely obsessed with my two wheel beauties!

"...completely obsessed with my two wheel beauties!"

It wasn't long after I bought my first bike, 2001 R6, when I started looking into doing track days and rider training courses to better my riding abilities. The only problem I had then was trying to afford all of this through college.  Once I came to the realization that I could not afford track days every weekend, I started getting into mini dirt bike riding and mini supermoto racing on CRF/XR 100’s. This not only made me a better rider but also allowed me to save some coin. The only logical choice after that was to get back into big dirt bike riding which lead to my latest purchase, a CR250R.

Along with riding, I also really enjoy working on motorcycles and tend to gravitate towards the more technical aspects of motorcycles like suspension, tires, fuel management, exhaust, etc.. Thankfully now it is part of my job to be obsessive and geek out everyday about everything motorcycle related!

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla: I love that I am surrounded by like minded people who are just as crazy as I am about motorcycles. I am no longer the guy in the office that is seen as the crazy motorcycle guy. I am now part of an office that is full of those guys and gals which has lead to some great relationships and experiences!