Brian H. Geek Bio

  • Riding Since: 2011
  • Current Bike: 2015 Triumph Tiger 800 XRx
  • Riding Style: Commuting, Touring with a bit of adventuring thrown in!
  • Most-Asked Question: Is Anthony here?

I traded the pedals of a bike for the engine of a motorcycle, and I have not looked back...except to scan my mirrors every 10 seconds, safety first! I also traded the rain of the Northwest for the heat and humidity of the Mid Atlantic. A trade-off made bearable by the amazing diversity of roads on this coast. I am a relatively new rider and am having a blast learning to tackle twisties like I have never seen before. The slow switchbacks of the West are nothing like the tightly curved, steeply inclined roads of the East.

“I do get funny looks when I show up at the golf course on a motorcycle"

I am a daily commuter, or should I say warrior? I enjoy matching my riding gear to any challenge Mother Nature decides to drop on me on any given morning. If I am not riding to the adventure of working at RevZilla, you will still find me riding; I ride everywhere. I do get funny looks when I show up at the golf course on a motorcycle.  My weekends are spent exploring my new environs; I will throw some camping gear on the back of my bike and see where the day takes me. The mid-point of my adventures generally all look the little tent set up in a State Park or just in a farmers field until the sun rises on the next half of my weekend. 

Favorite thing about working at RevZilla:
The company name and the corporate color! The orange has it’s own name…

RevZilla is a fast-paced, fun, challenging, and rewarding place, I look forward to spending my day at work!