Best Touring Motorcycle Boots 2017

From A to B in the best. If life’s a journey, the top touring and commuter boots are built for those who want to take the trip on two wheels.

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Best Touring Motorcycle Boots

Brand Name Price Our Opinion
Alpinestars Roam 2 Air Boots $169.95 Everyday commuter boots
Tour Master Solution 2.0 WP Boots $129.99 Classic American touring boots
Sidi Gavia Gore-Tex Boots $250.00 Euro touring, bang-for-the-buck
Dainese TRQ Tour Gore-Tex Boots $329.95 Euro tech touring, hinged ankle support
Daytona Road Star GTX Boots $429.00 Euro juggernaut, ultra-premium

2017's Best Motorcycle Touring Boots & Commuter Boots

Life is not a race, but a journey. Sure, everyone has transportation needs, but we who ride motorcycles are enlightened. We don’t just do it for the destination, we do it for the enjoyment of the damned thing in and of itself. Still, when it's pouring rain on your commute to work or you’re filtering through standstill traffic in 100 degree heat, it can be easy to forget this sentiment. This is when the right gear makes the difference between cursing the ride and wishing you’d have driven instead, or riding on, undaunted by the weather. That is what the best commuter motorcycle boots do.

These same boots not only deliver us safely and comfortably to work each day, but can also spirit us away from the routine entirely. Whether for a few-hour day ride or a week long tour, when you point the bars down the interstate and just go, the right footwear will keep you going until YOU feel like stopping. If you need the best touring boots on the road, you need not only the best waterproof riding boots for all weather conditions, but also the most comfortable, most rugged touring boots available. And you need the best boots for walking around off the bike once you get where you’re going, because just like your bike needs to stretch its legs on a nice straight stretch of road every now and again, so do you. This is your guide to the best boots available for the 2017 season, from A-B commuters to long-haul tourers.