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Welcome to our 2014 motorcycle helmet buying guide at We are going to walk through two collections of helmets. The first collection, which you see in front of me, is going to be the best of what's new for 2014. Table number two, which you can click right here and skip ahead, if you would like, would be the best of what we consider stable helmets for each category or type of riding.  Now, remember, this is part of our 2014 guide series at You can click here and visit that right now, and remember we also have a detailed breakdown video for every helmet that I am going to show you today.

Now, moving into our first table. First up, is the Shoei RF-1200, a huge leap forward from Shoei. Quieter, more stable at speed, better ventilation scheme, and two ounces lighter for 2014, completely replacing the RF-1100, which last year was our stable pick for sports, sport touring, and track day riding. It's going to be just under the $500 mark, comes in solids, comes in graphics. This is our metallic anthracite, and again it will even take the new Shoei transition shield. Phenomenal helmet, Snell and DOT rated. Again, it's the one helmet to have if you can have only one. I'm out on a limb that is an endorsement. This is one my favorite helmets that we currently have at

Moving on, this is the Scorpion EXO-R2000, this is their first foray into a GP-style helmet. Alvaro Batista is currently wearing it at the MotoGP level. 17 riders worked on it with them, five different plys, the TCT outer shell, AirFit adjustable system, it is going to be Snell and DOT rated, just under the $400 mark. So, solids, graphics, intermediate oval head shape on this bad boy, as well a great option for the sport bike crowd meant to be in the three-quarter or tucked position.  Where compared to something like the RF-1200, you can wear it in any condition. And remember, if you are concerned about fit on any of these helmets, we are going to ship for free, and you should always click right here and subscribe with us at RevZilla TV, save the date with our latest gear reviews we are constantly rolling out.

Moving on to the end of the table, we see our first Bell entry for 2014. This is the Bell Bullitt, no homage to Steve McQueen, café style, it's the first time we see someone in the States, really do a premium-oriented café helmet. We've seen the built well Gringo, which is polycarb. This guy is fiberglass, intermediate oval head shape. It is going to have leather accents, a great ventilation scheme, bubble shields, flat shields, again very lightweight, very premium, honestly you are looking at a Ruby Castel if you want to step up from this guy. Really nice that Bell has gone the extra distance to put something that quality on the market.

Now, as we dive back to the other side of the table, back to the sports side of the Universe. This is the Bell qualifier, again more on the Bell train today. Just over the $100 mark, replacement for the Bell Aero, which had a terrible fit shape, was more round. This now has the same shape as the other Bell helmets, intermediate oval head shape, that same shape that started with the RS-1. They have even stolen the DNA of the RS-1's vent scheme, again aggressive. It is going to be DOT and ECE rated on a polycarb shell, again great for sport bike riding, commuting, great for your second helmet. You can just toss it in your car and it will take that transition's shield. Awesome, I don't want to pigeonhole it as sport, great all around helmet. This is the high visibility rally graphic, remember intermediate oval on this bad boy at $110.

So, staying with our race theme, this is the new Shark Race-R Pro Carbon. Last year, you saw me talk about the Race-R Pro, which we love. Bamboo liner, 3 millimeter face shield, optically correct, extremely  aggressive in its head shape. Then for the three-quarter or tucked, this is the carbon version. It shaves 80 grams over it. Still, just over the $600 mark, massive investment, but again, you now have another version of a hardcore race helmet from Shark competing with something like the X-12 from Shoei or the Corsair V, which is still that leader of the pack. Again, Shark has upped its game, and it's worth mentioning, brand new for 2014.  And remember, now that you've seen the best of what's new for 2014 you can click right here if you like, visit and see the collection of optional breakdown detailed videos.  From here, we are moving to the stable picks for 2014.

The collection in front of me represents what I believe, based on rider feedback and RevZilla's experience to be the best possible option in each of the most popular riding categories. You will see in front of me six different helmets. I'm going to start out with meat and potatoes sport bike helmet, this is the ICON Airmada. Sub $200, an everyman helmet, phenomenal fit, phenomenal head shape, DOT, ECE rated, intermediate to long oval head shape, one of the longest, actually, on the table. Now, it's a polycarb, but its sub $200, you can ride this as a sport bike rider, as a commuter, as your secondary helmet. We absolutely love it, comes in solids, comes in graphics. This is the matte rubytone finish. Again, four shell sizes, five EPSs, tremendous vent scheme, and again, very all-encompassing race fit, from ICON this is the Airmada. Rock solid staple, just bananas how well this has done over the last couple years.

Moving to its left is the extreme polar opposite, this is your AGV Corsa, which absolutely earns its place on the table this year as our staple race helmet. Now, this is in the same category as the Corsair V from Arai, the X-12 from Shoei, you have the Schuberth SR1. This helmet is a dramatic leap forward, not just over the GP-Tech, which it replaced, but really in this category. The ventilation scheme, the fit, the aggressive profile, really meant to be in the tuck, they developed it with Valentino Rossi, and it's basically an AGV Pista helmet, which is full carbon fiber, now built for street use. DOT and ECE rated, and again it is using that mixture of carbon fiber, fiberglass, and other resins, here on this show. Tremendous, just over the $700 mark.

Moving on to the left, again, this one is a bit of a sleeper hit, this is the LaZer Monaco Pure Carbon. Intermediate oval head shape, but it makes the cut, because this is the lightest modular we've seen at Pure carbon fiber, it's not the most quiet helmet, expecting you to use ear plugs. But again, flip face design, it comes with a transitions lens, as well as a pin lock lens. So again, photochromic, with the pin lock, at around the $500 mark. Again, premium, out of Belgium. That is the LaZer Monaco Pure Carbon.

Now, staying in the same vein, we are going to move from touring, and we are going to go into adventure touring. This is the Arai XD-4, which again continues to be the juggernaut for dual-sport riding. So, 12 GSs on an off road, KTM 1190 Adventure, ahh, the RevZilla orange version. You see it is Snell and DOT rated, and you have the ability to tune the cheek pads as well as the comfort liner. Again, way head and shoulders, at north of that $500 mark, but from a functionality, fit, and feature standpoint, it blows everything else away. That's the Arai XD-4 in the dual-sport category.

Now, sliding back, let's go premium modular. This is the Schuberth C3 Pro. North of the $700 mark, I considerate it an intermediate to neutral head shape, but it is going to be very ergonomic. And, the biggest change on this bad boy, as being one of the top selling modules of the entire year, was the fit shape. No longer a pressure point on the forehead over the original C3. They've also upgraded the vent scheme, given it a spoiler, it still has the drop down sun visor, and the beauty of it is that it's two decibels quieter than the original C3. Again, top of the food chain in the modular category, but again, if you are a diehard Shoei fan, the Shoei Neo-Tech is going to stand toe to toe with it, it just doesn't have some of the feature comforts.

And last but not least here today in our staple picks, this is my pick for sport and sport touring, a versatile helmet, this is the Shoei GT-Air, just under the $500 mark. Aggressive sport in its style, has a drop down sun visor, it's DOT and ECE rated with a lot of the hardcore accoutrements you would see come from Shoei. This could have just as easily been the RF-1200, but the GT-Air is a different flavor, has a different feel to it, it is not as necessarily a track day helmet, but you can also get that transitions lens from it.

So, the next step in your journey is to click right here and visit the guides page at for our 2014 Helmet Guide Collection. Remember, read writer reviews, watch our full detailed breakdown videos, and there is also other guides, jackets, boots, gloves, a slew of other content if you are looking to upgrade your gear for 2014. As always, we are going to ship for free over $39 bucks, so we take the guesswork out of it. If you want to talk to a gear geek, see us at or 877-792-9455.

Thanks for watching our 2014 Motorcycle Helmet Buying Guide at I'm Anthony, and we will see you next time.

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