One Family, Three Generations, All Riders: One Mission

A message from Arai...

Arai is not some massive corporation run by rotating boards of directors with rotating missions, all of which have one thing in common: more profts and cheaper production costs.

Fact is, we’re pretty much the polar-opposite in every way possible. Arai is a small family company, driven by the same family, with the same mission, through three generations— three generations that have all been riders. This fact tends to make you look at things differently than the big guys do

Like: Could you really build a helmet you wouldn’t be willing to put on your own head, or the heads of your friends and co-workers?

Or: If your family’s name—and your family’s honor—are on the front of your helmet, how many corners would you cut? How many shortcuts would you take?

Or: If cost is the most important element, how much is a head worth?

That’s why our one mission has always been the protection and comfort of riders. To the best of our ability. Period.

That’s why we don’t build Arai helmets to meet any safety standards; we build them to exceed the standards. At Arai, safety standards like Snell or DOT are our baseline, not our goal. Why? Because standards create minimum criteria. And while many helmet makers design their helmets to meet those minimums, “good enough” has just never been good enough around here. Not for us and not for the riders we serve. (Remember, we answer only to ourselves.)

Our standards are made for the real world. The world of distracted drivers, unpredictable situations, sharp angles. Things that don’t move when you hit them. A world you can’t duplicate in a controlled, predictable testing laboratory environment looking for a common denominator.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours. There are real differences. But only you can say whether those differences are worth it to you or not.

We hope you see the difference in Arai, and in the three generations of the family behind it.

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