Anthony Bucci - Co-Founder & Former CEO

  • Nickname: BoochZilla, The dude from the videos
  • Riding Since: 2004
  • Bikes: Ducati Multistrada, Ducati Monster S2R, Harley-Davidson Iron 883, Harley-Davidson StreetGlide, BMW R1200GS, Honda CBR600RR 
  • Riding Style: Non-Discriminatory, so long as the shiny side's up
  • Favorite Quote: "I love it when a plan comes together"  and "You got served"

How it all started! (AKA: on the back of a napkin)

In 2006, buying motogear on the internet was terrible. Terrible sites, terrible service, and terrible enthusiasm. We wanted to recreate the experience of visiting an amazing dealer - but on the interwebs.  My friends and I knew what a good eCom website was and we knew what was missing from buying the good moto stuff online. We holed up in our apartment for four months and built it. No help. No backing.  We maxxed out the credit card, ate ramen noodles and stuck a thumb in the eye of the big, dumb "mega stores." Hooray for good ideas, hard work and young guys willing to not sleep.

Life as a YouTube star (AKA: "Hey! This is Anthony...")

First off, the shirts have always been blue, they just fade because I wear them every... single... day, ever. Call it an homage to the single wardrobe greats: Jobs, Ozzy Osbourne, Mr. T. You get it. Relating to 20 million views on YouTube, I am humbly amazed that people will listen to me. I started out with poorly produced geeky videos about stuff I thought was cool. It's a privilege to be doing it this many years later, with this many people watching millions of minutes a month -- literally.

"Hey! This is Anthony with RevZillaTV, where you can Watch, Decide, & Ride!" I dreamed it up in the shower one day. Seriously.

Outside of the gear, when folks ask me what our odd humor is all about and how we filter it, I answer by telling them that we entertain ourselves and hope to confuse our audience less and entertain them more over time. There's no such thing as a bad idea as long as we're all enjoying this ride.

Goals and Aspirations (AKA: let's take over the world)

Once you can cover your basic needs, it comes down to three simple things: work with great people, have some autonomy to make your own decisions, and tackle meaningful challenges. I hope that in five years I still have this recipe. I hope I'm still inspired and can manage to inspire those around me in some fashion. It's surreal at times looking back at all the mini-mountains we have climbed in only a handful of years.

Favorite Part of TeamZilla

Orange. It's neat that it means something to our customers, our staff, our families, and ourselves. If your brand is what they say about you when you are not in the room, it's amazing to know that for a long time people have been saying really nice things. We built a brand selling one great glass of lemonade at a time. Now people use the word "love" to describe the thing that I've toiled on for the longest stretch in my adult life. It's a wild feeling and responsibility. It's not something I take for granted.

Favorite ride

Alaska. It's Colorado on steroids with moose outnumbering people 2:1. What's not to love? Austere beauty with a dash of real danger. OK, I'll stop making grunting noises now.

Little-known facts

The list is long, here's a few.

1) Love 80s Hair Metal. Favorite band: Tie GNR and Motley Crue.
2) Love Skateboarding - RevZilla has had more than one mini-ramp.
3) Nerd in high school. Fact. Late bloomer...too much Counter Strike and Prodigy.
4) Started Career as computer programmer at 13.
5) A few heroes: Marco Simoncelli, Rodney Dangerfield. Conan O'Brien. Tony Hawk. Slash. Ron Popeil. 
6) Michael Jackson came over to my house to use the bathroom once. Ok, I'm lying... but his sister did.

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