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The inspiration behind the Alpinestars Tech Touring Range is the same primal force that compels riders to go in search of roads and trails to conquer, regardless of what nature conjures up to throw at them. This force is a desire to challenge one's self by seeking out the toughest obstacles for the pure purpose of overcoming them. Alpinestars lives this challenge in everything that it does, and applies its world-class technical knowledge and design philosophies to create a premium line of touring apparel and footwear that offer unsurpassed levels of safety, comfort and weather protection.

Whether you're winding your way up the Stelvio Pass, negotiating a rocky trail in the Andes, or cruising through Deals Gap, you can be confident that Alpinestars Tech Touring Range apparel and footwear will keep you protected, comfortable and shielded against the elements. Every time


The Alpinestars Tech Touring Range incorporates advanced materials and design features, each carefully selected to meet the specific protection and comfort requirements of touring and adventure riding.

Over the years, Alpinestars has continually introduced a host of design innovations into its Tech Touring Range to provide the rider with unsurpassed levels of comfort, protection and performance.

4-in-1 Liner System: A configurable liner system that offers the rider supreme versatility and comfort.

Vector Knee Design: Patented knee construction that provides superior comfort and mobility when riding.

Climate Control System: Zippered air intakes and exhaust vents allow precise control of the level of ventilation.

Bio Armor: Ultralight, sleek and well fitted yet provide class-leading impact protection.


Alpinestars has established itself at the forefront of technical motorcycling apparel brands and continues its tradition of excellence with the Touring range.

Our ongoing dedication to the core principles of safety, comfort and performance provides the Tech Touring Range with a level of distinction that is synonymous with Alpinestars. 

Every product is honed in the Alpinestars Product Testing Laboratory where it is put through a rigorous testing regimen and scrutinized against the highest industry standards to ensure there is no compromise in quality and performance. /p>

The Alpinestars Tech Touring Range also benefits from real world testing, our products enduring countless miles in the toughest environments - from the sodden Scottish frontier to the dusty deserts of North Africa - to further improve durability and practicality. In doing this, Alpinestars imparts the finished product with an attention to detail that makes all the difference between a good ride and a great ride.

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