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Airhawk R Seat Pad

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Recently, I took a 1500 mile trip which included 600 miles on the final day of riding. The AirHawk R saved my butt. My Tiger 1050 has a stock seat which is OK for short trips of a couple hundred miles. I'd been considering a replacement seat, but was wary of $400-$500 price tags. Six hundred miles of boring interstates, gives you nothing but time to notice discomfort, especially on your backside. No matter how much you shift, squirm or slide around, it's difficult to find a comfortable position.

The AirHawk R Seat Pad is a product that comes from the medical world and has been re-purposed for the motorcycle industry, specifically long distance riders or anyone unhappy with the comfort of their OEM seat. It's constructed using polyurethane rubber formed into an anatomically correct cushion. Using soft, flexible air cells interconnected by small channels, air flows from one cell to another at a controlled rate. This redistributes your weight evenly, reducing discomfort and extending your ride time. With a valve to adjust the amount of air it holds, you can customize it to your needs. They offer a number of shapes and sizes to fit a multitude of bikes.

The R model, is the most current design with a cutout area through the center from front to back that allows for three points of no contact: tailbone, prostate and scrotum. The tailbone relief area has tapered transition for increased comfort. Redesigned cell geometry improves airflow under the rider, thus reducing heat.

The AirHawk comes with a standard breathalbe, washable cover with a no slip bottom to keep it from moving around. The sides of the cover have attachment loops with mounting straps to keep it securely in place. The shape fit my Tiger 1050 seat and attached easily.

The AirHawk R makes it a very easy decision and I recommend it highly when considering options to facilitate longer riding days. While not inexpensive it is certainly a great deal less expensive than a custom seat. It has solid design features, is adjustable for multiple riders and transfers from one bike to another easily. Most importantly, it keeps you comfortable for hundreds and hundreds of miles of riding at less than half the price of a replacement seat.

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