AGV AX-8 Naked Helmet Review

Devin M. - Gear Geek

PUBLISHED: Nov 21, 2013

I recently picked up the AGV AX-8 Naked as a long-overdue replacement for an old Nolan. The AX-8 Naked’s strong suit is its light weight. AGV refers to the construction as “Super Super Light,” which is definitely an accurate description.

The helmet vents well through the chin bar as well as the top ports. That being said, I do not find the helmet to be too loud although noise tolerances are always subjective to the rider. The fitment is very slightly narrow and the neckroll and cheekpads are nice and tight giving a very secure feeling to the helmet.

This helmet looks very aggressive when equipped with the smoke faceshield, it looks downright scary. It is sure to turn heads at stoplights and frighten small children. With it’s robot-ninja style and light weight, it seems best suited for an aggressive naked bike or streetfighter in a city setting, although it fares well on the highway too. I would not hesitate to take this on a cross-country trip as long as I had both faceshields handy.

This brings me to my main gripe with this helmet. The shield is mounted on two pivot-screws that need to be undone with either a small flathead screwdriver or dime. This gets very tedious especially when changing the shield twice a day. The only other downside to this helmet is the fact that the wind pushes the large chin area around a bit but since it no longer has a peak, wind resistance is very manageable. Small flaws aside, this is a great helmet as long as you are looking for a no-frills, aggressive, light helmet.