Adam P.

  • Nickname: Ponzi
  • Riding Since: 2006
  • Bikes: ‘14  H/D FXDL Low Rider, ‘77 Kawi KZ650 Cafe Ruster
  • Past: ‘72 Yamaha DT250, ‘75 Kawi KZ400, ‘76 Honda CB500T, ‘77 Yamaha XS400, ‘85 Honda CB650 Nighthawk, ‘85 Honda VT500, ‘92 Kawi ZG1200 Voyager, ‘97 Kawi KDX200,‘01 Honda Shadow VT600
  • Riding Style: Cruiser Abuser
  • Fun Fact: I have named every motorcycle I ever owned people names; dirt bikes are boys and street bikes are girls.

I remember the moment I fell in love with motorcycles. I was 8 years old playing soccer and I’m pretty sure I had the ball- ‘til an older kid on a dirt bike popped a wheelie past the field. I stood there with my jaw on my chest like a goober till he was out of sight, parents shouting from the sidelines about some game that clearly didn’t matter anymore. From then until the time I was 12, and I finally wore my dad down (he argued if he let me get a dirt bike one day I would buy a street bike- I swore up and down I wouldn’t...) I saved every penny of $500 and bought a little Spanish 50cc blue-smoker. I’ve still got the scar from the first time I dumped it.

In my later years my obsession with vintage bikes developed into a bit of a hoarding problem (at one point I had 6 ½ motorcycles- I counted two “complete” basket cases as ½ a bike, which is probably generous) but I’ve been clean for awhile now. I whittled the old junk down to my favorite piece, a Kawasaki 4 banger that’s been torn down to the frame, cut up, and sewn back together wrong a half a dozen times by some hack- yup, she’s all mine. I recently broke down and bought a brand new bike, but the pesky thing starts all the time and parts don’t even fall off- where’s the fun in that?