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2016 Dainese Collection

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Ahhh, the Italians. They just get it when it comes to the best motorcycle gear. Style. Class. Leather. Speed. All of those things, and a whole lot more. Additionally, they take motorcycling very seriously, and they invest heavily into some of the most innovative features in motorcycle protection, performance, and overall enjoyment.

At the head of that pack is Dainese. Renowned throughout the world as one of the top motorcycle gear manufactures, Dainese produces some of the best motorcycle jackets, race suits, pants, gloves, boots, and base-layers on the planet. Dainese lives for this, they breathe it every day, and they put it on full display with their 2016 Collection of new gear. From the introduction of new, classically inspired leather motorcycle jackets to the advancement of their industry-leading motorcycle race suits, Dainese has hit 2016 with a plethora of invigorating new motorcycle apparel and gear. Advancements in protection such as can be referenced with the D-Air system, along with style that can be seen in their more casual offerings are hallmarks of what Dainese does each and every year, and the latest and greatest from the Italian moto-aficionados does not disappoint in 2016.

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