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Best Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets 2016

The adventure doesn’t end when the rain begins. It just calls for a waterproof jacket. Ride longer. Ride drier. Ride happier with the industry’s best.

Klim Badlands Jacket
$949.99 - $999.99
3 colors available
Alpinestars Amok Air Drystar Jacket
$239.96 $319.95 Sale 25% Off!
3 colors available
Rukka Flexius Gore-Tex Jacket
4 colors available
Olympia Airglide 5 Jacket
4 colors available
Olympia Airglide 5 Women's Jacket
4 colors available
Alpinestars Stella Amok Air Drystar Jacket
$239.96 $319.95 Sale 25% Off!
2 colors available

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Top Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets 2016

You wouldn’t travel to Mars and wear a leisure suit for your first spacewalk would you? No. Of course not! Leisure suits have a time and a place (even if that time has passed), and so do spacesuits. One is for one thing, the other is for, well, another. The same exact mindset can be taken when looking at waterproof motorcycle jackets. While a regular jacket works great for normal riding, the whole game changes once the skies open up and let loose with a torrent of slog-inducing wetness from above. If you are rocking a non-waterproof jacket at that point, you are going to be on the losing end every time. In the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Jackets Buyers Guide of 2016, we set out to remedy this situation.

Years ago, going waterproof meant pulling what essentially was a large trash bag over your normal riding gear, and hoping for the best. Aside from being unconscionably unfashionable (because style matters too!), these waterproof options for riding your motorcycle were clunky, annoying, and totally unbreathable. Fortunately for us, it is the 21st Century and modern materials and manufacturing has allowed for great strides to be made in this arena. The best waterproof motorcycle jackets of 2016, while differing in features, aesthetics, and price points, all share the same motivation; to keep you dry, come what may, throughout the entirety of your ride. By incorporating world-class waterproofing into equally world-class motorcycle jackets, the top waterproof jackets of 2016 get you where you need to go more efficiently, with better style, and drier than ever before.