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Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots 2016

Soggy feet are a surefire way to dampen a good ride. The best waterproof boots provide motorcycle protection and comfort while repelling water along the way.

Roland Sands Mojave Boots
4 colors available
Alpinestars Corozal Adventure Drystar Boots
2 colors available

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Top Waterproof Motorcycle Boots 2016

There is, at this very moment, a print on the moon that was left there decades ago by one of the greatest explorers in human history. While others followed, that particular astronaut was the first. When that step was taken into that unknown moon dust, it was not in a pair of tennis shoes, nor penny loafers, nor fuzzy slippers. No. It was in a pair of boots. Footwear that was made for the elements. Metatarsal dwellings as robust and durable as the adventurous spirits who wore/wear them. The same can be said for the top waterproof motorcycle boots. In the Best Waterproof Motorcycle Boots Buyers Guide of 2016, we showcase our selections for the options that will work best for you as you cut your own path into uncharted territory.

Soggy feet are gross. Nobody likes to feel as if their feet are flopping around like sad sardines in a grungy fishbowl. The top waterproof motorcycle boots guard against this by combining the best materials and design principles to defend your feet from whatever Mother Nature throws your way. In looking at the best waterproof boot options of 2016, we also paid special attention to various usage and stylistic preferences. As such, we put forth a variety of options that range from moto-casual, to vintage-inspired, to go-fast speed racer, and off-road ADV. Regardless of your personal aesthetic, price-range, or intended usage, however, the simple fact of the matter is that you can count on the best waterproof motorcycle boots of the year to get the job done, every time.