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Best Motorcycle Gloves 2016

Light and agile, the best short cuff motorcycle gloves provide the protection you need for your daily ride while allowing your wrists to stay breezy.

Alpinestars Celer Gloves
4 colors available
REV'IT! Fly 2 Gloves
REV'IT! Striker 2 Gloves
4 colors available
Dainese 4 Stroke EVO Gloves
3 colors available
Scorpion SGS MK II Gloves
3 colors available
Icon Hypersport Pro Short Gloves
5 colors available
REV'IT! Striker 2 Women's Gloves
2 colors available

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Top Motorcycle Gloves 2016

The Ol’ Troubadour himself said it best when he strummed his guitar and let us all know that “there’s a difference between livin’ and livin’ well.” Nicely said George. Truer words have rarely been spoken. Come to think of it, the same can definitely be said for motorcycle gloves, as there is a large difference in merely rocking a pair, and rocking a pair of the best.

In looking at the top motorcycle gloves of 2016, we selected the best short cuff gloves of the bunch. While all motorcycle gloves have a time and a place, short cuff motorcycle gloves are undoubtedly one of the most popular and versatile. In the Best Short Cuff Motorcycle Gloves Buyers Guide, our handwear aficionados have picked the top options in the industry so that all of our metatacarpals can continue to live well.

In selecting the best motorcycle gloves of the year, there is always a lot to consider. Comfort, function, durability, protection, and a whole lot more. From the materials used in their construction, to the research and development that goes into the techniques and designs of construction themselves, the best short cuff motorcycle gloves of 2016 hit all of the boxes, and hit them with force! As one of the most utilized forms of motorcycle gloves in the industry, short cuff motorcycle gloves are seen throughout a wide range of styles and riding disciplines. The major advantage of short cuff gloves, as can be expected, is that they allow for a lightweight, efficient, and more mobile fitment than their full-gauntlet brethren. The short cuff gloves that do this the best, while also maintaining their integrity as motorcycle-specific gloves, are what you will find in this best-of buyers guide.