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Todd T.

  • RIDING SINCE: 2009
  • BIKES: 1971 Honda CB 350, 2010 Triumph Thruxton, 2010 Triumph Daytona 675, 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R
  • RIDING STYLE: Track Junkie
  • FAVORITE QUESTION: “Was it Tom?” Apparently a good percentage of customers think my name is Tom.

Since I can remember, I was always interested in motorcycles. After going 20+ years of not owning a bike, one day I decided that I wanted one. With the help of a friend and several weeks worth of searching/research I found my fist bike, a 1971 Honda CB350, which I still currently own. It was in half decent condition and I later learned (like most people) that I paid way too much for it. If I recall accurately, I found this out not so long after my friend & I left the sellers house with the bike. While heading home (my friend was riding as I did not know how to ride a motorcycle at this time), proceeded to stall out multiple times. The bike went straight to the shop for some much needed maintenance. I mostly rode this bike around the city, ran errands, and went on some hour long rides. I never ventured too far off as I was concerned the bike would stall out & would have to be towed back at my expense.

After a while, I was fiending for something with a little bit more power. This lead to my next purchase, which was a 2010 Triumph Thruxton. The original reason I bought this bike, besides the lack of power/speed the other bike was plagued by, was to do a cross country trip. Long story short, my trip fell through for a number of reasons. Oh well, another time! This motorcycle was used in the same fashion except I went on much longer, hundred + mile weekend rides with a group of friends. These rides typically lasted 6 or more hours and consisted of some twisties coupled with great scenery and the occasional food & drink stop (strong drink).

At some point during this time I met a friend of mine who has a Ducati 999 & a Ducati Monster, his main passion for motorcycles was doing track days. Eventually this lead me to selling the Thruxton and purchasing a 2010 Triumph Daytona 675. I owned this bike for a few months before doing my first track day. Once I got on the track I was hooked, though I did crash my first day.

All of that brings me to my current motorcycle, which is a 2012 Triumph Daytona 675R. This bike is primarily a track bike, though I do hit the streets every once in a while with it. Over the winter the bike is getting converted to a dedicated track bike, so my street riding will most likely be over.

I am the resident "Tall/Skinny guy," question answerer. Are you over 6'0"  and thin? Then you're probably getting transferred to me or will at some point.

I always help "Tall/Skinny" people because I can relate best to them & understand how frustrating it can be to find motorcycle gear that fits properly. If I can help them out through my experiences and eliminate a portion of the frustration, then that's a good thing.

The gear that I currently wear is mostly REV'IT!, Dainese, and Shoei. In my opinion, these three companies are arguably the best in their field. Aside from my opinion on construction and overall quality, these brands  fit my lanky frame the best.

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla?: My favorite part about working for RevZilla is the overall atmosphere & work environment. I'll be honest, we have a fantastic group of people here. We can all relate to one another on so many levels besides motorcycles. One of the most confidence inspiring aspects of working here is the fact that the team is always 100% behind you and always there to help if you get into a jam. We're a family, not just a group of people working for the same company. That's pretty awesome!