Thor Motocross

Founded by four-time Swedish MX champion Torsten Hallman in 1968, Thor Motocross has been committed to making the highest quality MX equipment for over 40 years. Thanks to Torsten, Thor Motocross was one of the first MX manufacturers to import goatskin leather pants and gloves to the American MX market, boosting rider protection and allowing Thor gear to outlast the competition. Thor Motocross continues to innovate as time goes on, sponsoring some of today's top riders and staying true to their commitment to exceed every serious MX enthusiast's expectations. As tough as the hammer-wielding Norse god from which it draws its name, Thor Motocross gear delivers competition winning quality and cutting edge technology.

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Thor Blitz LS Boots
2 colors available
Thor Blitz CE Boots
$129.95 - $144.95
5 colors available
Thor Phase Over The Boot Pants
$56.25 - $82.46 $75.00 - $101.21 Sale 25% Off!
4 colors available
Thor Phase Gasket Pants
$74.96 $99.95 Sale 25% Off!
3 colors available
Thor Ratchet Boots
2 colors available
Thor Phase Jacket
3 colors available
Thor Force Knee Guards
$69.00 $89.95 Sale 23% Off!
Thor Phase Blackout Pants
$74.96 $99.95 Sale 25% Off!
Thor Spectrum Gloves
8 colors available
Thor Phase Strands Pants
$74.96 $99.95 Sale 25% Off!
3 colors available
Thor Verge Pro-GP Helmet
$162.48 $324.95 Sale 50% Off!
3 colors available