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TeamZilla Staff Bios

Work at RevZilla!

Ever wonder what kind of people work at RevZilla? Since day one, we've made a commitment to selecting only the best moto-maniacs around. When you dial 877-792-9455, or e-mail us at cs@revzilla.com, every person that you will speak to is an avid rider that knows the gear we sell and has real-life, hands-on experience with the product. In fact, this thirst for knowledge which our staff exudes is what led us to crown them as our "Gear Geeks." Nowhere else in the moto-industry will you find a staff as knowledgable and dedicated to the sport, or to the service of our customers.

Get to know TeamZilla through the staff bios below!:

Patrick R.

Customer Experience Director

Chris K.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Anthony B.


Ryan T.

Merchandising Manager

Eric S.

Training Sensei

Ed W.

Product Curator
Joel P.
Joel P.

Training Sage



James W.

Gear Geek Team Lead

Drew S.

Gear Geek

Mario R.

Gear Geek Team Lead

Bobby B.

Showroom Gear Geek

Todd T.

Gear Geek

Liam I.


Gail D.


Brian C.

Community Gear Geek

Dan M.

Gear Geek Team Lead

Rafael N.

Gear Geek

John K.

Gear Geek

Jon S.

Gear Geek

Alessandra S.

Gear Geek Team Lead

Rania M.

Gear Geek

Andy M.

Gear Geek

Filip L.

Gear Geek

Mike C.


Alex Q.

Gear Geek

Devin M.

Gear Geek

Spurgeon D.
Gear Geek

Lance O.

TeamZilla Managing Editor

Sean M.

TeamZilla Senior Editor