SuperTrapp muffler inventor, Paul Moller, created and patented the first motorcycle exhaust product in 1971. This technology allows the rider to adapt their bike, or ATV, to a specific riding environment.  This is accomplished through a series of discs with a precisely aligned diameter that form the exhaust outlet.  By adding or subtracting discs, the rider can tune the powerband and sound of their machine easily with basic hand tools. 

Adding discs increases the exhaust outlet and decreases back pressure.  This widens the powerband at the top end.  It also increases exhaust tone and leans out carburetion. Removing discs decreases the exhaust opening and increases back pressure.  This effectively decreases the powerband to create more low-end torque.  It also decreases exhaust tone and enriches carburetion. Most SuperTrapp systems come with installation instructions that indicate the recommended number of discs for each application.

Based in Cleveland, Ohio, Supertrapp produces a full line of aftermarket exhaust systems, also owns and manufactures Kerker brand exhausts, Mean Mothers drag pipes, and the Road Legends series of drag pipes.  Supertrapp exhaust is also the OEM supplier on major domestic and international parts and accessory programs of many major motorcycle manufacturers for larger distributors in the U.S., Europe and Japan.  Out of the more than 200 motorcycle exhaust manufacturers worldwide, Supertrapp ranks among the top five in performance exhaust market sales.

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