For decades Saddlemen innovations has been the leader in motorcycle luggage and aftermarket seats. With game changing designs, practical functionality and features that are unmatched, Saddlemen offers the highest quality option at any price. Their seats offer a combination of their exclusive SaddleGel and formulated Black Magic foam with carefully shaped contours that fit the driver and passenger.

Saddlemen luggage has been professionally designed from the ground up by their unique team of design engineers who are the ultimate enthusiasts. They live, breath and feed on our sport and are dedicated to redefine and advance the way riders will transport personal belongings on a bike. Saddlemen's relentless devotion to the perfect blend of performance, style and craftsmanship that assures your Saddleman product will provide years of comfort, satisfaction and service.

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Saddlemen Explorer Seat
$410.00 - $620.00
Saddlemen Expandable Sport Luggage
Saddlemen SaddleGel Seat Pad
$74.00 - $109.00
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Gel-Channel Tech Seat
Saddlemen SaddleGel Pads
$44.00 - $69.00
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Pillowtop Gel Pad
$85.00 - $109.00
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Gel-Channel Track-CF Seat
$218.40 - $420.00 $273.00 - $474.60 Sale 20% Off!
Saddlemen BR1800EX Sissy Bar Bag
Saddlemen Highwayman Flame Tattoo Saddlebags
6 colors available
Saddlemen Tech Memory Foam Seat Pad
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Comfy Saddle Passenger Seat Pad
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Protective Tape Kit
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Road Sofa LS Seat For Harley
$431.96 - $561.00 $539.95 - $668.99 Sale 20% Off!
Saddlemen Profiler Seat
$294.00 - $315.00
Saddlemen Dual Switch Seat Heater Kit
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Adventure Track Seat
$360.00 - $836.75
Saddlemen Explorer G-Tech Seat
$420.00 - $630.00
Saddlemen Road Sofa Seat For Harley Touring 2008-2013
Saddlemen SaddleGel Comfort Pad
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Saddlebag Liners
$18.00 - $26.00
Saddlemen Profiler Tattoo Seat
$299.95 - $313.45
Saddlemen King Seat For Harley
$378.00 - $588.00
Saddlemen Dominator Driver Backrest For Harley
Universal Fit Part
Saddlemen Explorer RS Seat
$328.00 - $669.95 $410.00 - $751.95 Sale 20% Off!