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Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet
  • Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet - White
  • Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet - White

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Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet Videos

Schuberth C3W Pro North America Women's Helmet

The Rolls Royce of motorcycle helmets, the Schuberth C3W Pro has been designed to improve on the original C3W, which was already one of the quietest and most technologically advanced helmets to date. The rear spoiler, which has been optimized during extensive wind tunnel testing, turns the C3W Pro into a real sport helmet, demonstrating outstanding aerodynamic properties at high speeds in excess of 100 mph. With its enhanced aeroacoustics of 82 dB(A) at 100 km/h the C3W Pro is one of the quietest helmets in the world.

The C3W Pro is also prepared to accept the integrated Schuberth SCR System, the C3W Pro also incorporates two integrated antennas for increased Bluetooth range and better FM radio reception. The inner lining is made of carefully selected materials such as COOLMAX, Interpower and Thermocool and has been extensively re-shaped and redesigned setting high benchmarks with respect to comfort.


  • The shell is aerodynamically tuned, providing more downforce and reducing buffeting
  • Interior helmet sound levels have been reduced to 82 dB(A) at 60 mph {C3 84 dB(A)}
  • Interior liner has been designed with fewer seams and a more universal interior fit
  • Improved EPS with integrated antennas for SRC-System which improves radio and Bluetooth range
  • Micro-lock ratchet chin strap
  • Large reflective panels on neckroll
  • Improved faceshield ratchet mechanism
  • Integrated sun visor


A quiet helmet means active safety for the motorcyclist. This permits the rider to concentrate on riding – particularly at higher speeds. Many hours in the Schuberth acoustics wind tunnel have ensured that the C3W Pro is as quiet as Schuberth could make it. The comprehensive acoustics package with optimized helmet shell, wind deflector and ergonomic shape of the neck padding make the C3W Pro – at 82 dBA – one of the quietest helmets on the market.

  • Acoustics package makes helmet quiet
  • Installation of a wind deflector further improves aeroacoustics
  • Only 82dB(A) at 100 km per hour (with naked bikes)

Outer Shell:

The outer shell of the Schuberth C3W Pro is offered in two helmet shell sizes and combines an aerodynamically optimal shape with excellent protection. It is manufactured using Schuberth's typical compression molding process and thus permits great stability and a low weight.

  • Shell material: S.T.R.O.N.G. fiber
  • Helmet shell technology from SCHUBERTH permits low weight
  • Glass fiber with a special resin added is compressed in a vacuum at high pressure to form a helmet shell which is exceptionally sturdy
  • Perfected aerodynamics for higher speeds
  • Upward lift = 0!
  • Directionally stable
  • No oscillatory tendency
  • No buffeting
  • Spoiler integrated into the helmet shell

SRC-System Ready:

The C3W Pro equipped to accommodate the SCHUBERTH SRC-System C3W Pro (sold separately). To guarantee ideal radio reception, the C3W Pro is already equipped with two integrated antennas to boost FM and Bluetooth reception.

  • Optimum reception at all times
  • FM and Bluetooth antennas integrated into the helmet for optimum reception


The EPS foam liner is modular in design to ensure optimal shock absorption. This complex segmentation guarantees enhanced force absorption and distribution.

  • Made of specially optimized EPS foam
  • Complex multizone foaming allows optimal shock absorption

Inner Lining:

A special inner lining of the C3W Pro which was developed according to Schuberth's  innovative Comfort Fit concept that ensures the helmet fits comfortably and securely in all situations. The combination of carefully selected COOLMAX and Thermocool materials, with the additional use of Interpower coatings, also make the inner lining a highly-effective moisture removal and cooling system.

  • COOLMAX pad system, completely removable and washable (hand wash, 30°C)
  • Optimized fit
  • Variable venting for effective ventilation
  • Adjustable for summer/winter
  • Allergen-free
  • Antibacterial
  • Removable comfort cheek and head band pads


Thanks to the design of the vents, the supply of fresh air is increased by up to 60%. The combination of multipath channels in the EPS foam liner and the head/chin/mouth ventilation ensures that fresh air is distributed effectively over the entire head area.

A.R.O.S. and Neck Strap:

The Anti-Roll-Off System (A.R.O.S.) was especially developed by SCHUBERTH as a safety feature and is incorporated into every SCHUBERTH motorcycle helmet. It ensures that the helmet cannot roll off of the head when the chinstrap is closed and correctly adjusted:

  • The helmet cannot pivot off the head from behind
  • The risk of contact between the chin section of the helmet and the chin or throat of the rider is minimized due to the small angle of tilt
  • Reduces the chance of the helmet coming into contact with the chest as the result of an accident
  • Precise setting of the chinstrap length through adjustment on both sides
  • Micro-lock ratchet lock

Face Shield:

The EasyChange visor mechanism makes changing visors extremely quick and simple without the use of tools.

  • City position offers maximum ventilation while traveling at slower speeds
  • Pinlock visor prevents shield from fogging

DOT and ECE certified

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Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet 5 5 8 8
Excellent Helmet Very light, very comfortable Helmet. Bought a matching one for the wife. This helmet is slightly rounder than my last helmet, so my ears don't get squished, and I don't get headaches after about an hour of riding like the old helmet. Also, The wife and I don't feel confined in this helmet. with the old helmets, you could stick your tongue out and touch the inside of the chin bar, this helmet has much more room for the nose and chin. I believe this helmet was quieter, hard to tell. couldn't really tell if the airflow was better either, I was wearing a head wrap. This helmet did have a little issue with clicking in place when lowering the chin bar though, I had to place one hand on the chin bar and one hand on the back of the helmet to get it to fully engage. We already mounted the SRC Comm system in them and like being able to talk to each other so easily. All things considered, we love the helmets and recommend them to our friends. December 15, 2014
Yep, this is worth it! I've ridden in an Arai Vector for the past 6 years and have grown accustom to excellent quality, well made helmets. At the beginning of the summer, I bought another budget lid to get me through the season and then do back up duty, as funds were light and this helmet is quite an investment. I should have just bought this the first go-around time! Fit: I feel that I have an intermediate oval head shape. Other helmets that fit me well were my previous Arai Vector, Shoei GT-Air, and an AGV corsa, and the C3Pro also fits with no hot spots. My head is just a bit larger than 58cm and I wore a medium in Arai. Went back and fourth between M and L with the Schuberth and settled on the medium. The L definitely felt way more comfortable right out of the box, while the M felt pretty snug; no hot spots, just really snug. After a few hours in the saddle, the liner of the medium conformed to my head and now I have a perfect fit. If I had gone with the large, I think it would be too big after a few hundred miles. So, my advice would be to size this as snug as you can without being painful at first. The liner will conform to your face after a few hundred miles and will fit much better for years to come. Comfort: Awesome. The liner isn't as "cushy" as my arai was, but it's soft in the right places, and very supportive. It's also very cool and slick to the touch, making putting the helmet on/off easy. I was a little disappointed in the liner at first, but have come to recognize it's strengths and really like the feel now. Noise: I have mild tinnitus and don't want it getting any worse so I still wear earplugs regardless of how quiet a helmet claims to be. That said, the few times I haven't worn them (short trips <10min) and I didn't find this helmet any quieter than my Vector. Most of the noise most likely comes from buffeting off of my windscreen so it's not really the helmet's fault. When I stand up on the pegs, it's pretty quiet at 70mph; but not much quieter than the arai. Hard to tell since so many factors go into wind noise. Venting: Again, it's just OK. I can feel the top vent when I open it, which is good. The chin vent doesn't flow much air when open, but again due to the windscreen on my bike, the chinbar doesn't see much airflow to begin with. Other things: This is my first pinlock motorcycle visor, and Pinlock works as advertised. I think I prefer anti-fog coating though as the pinlock inserts are very easy to scratch up. Visor detents are solid, but I wish there was one in between the first detent and fully closed. In all honesty, I prefer Arai's friction fit detent-less visors in this regard. Graphic is cool and well done. I have the black NA graphic and its well understated and not in-your-face. I opted for a graphic as I knew for certain it would have a manufactured date in 2014, otherwise I would have just gotten a solid color. Internal sun shade works well and is very clear. I wish it came down a little lower, but that's a nit-pick. The sunshade is far enough away from your face that it doesn't interfere with glasses. Micro-ratchet closure is a nice touch and is convenient, but I don't like having that large thing pressing into my neck. It's not an issue most of the time, I just have to make sure the padding on the strap lines up to prevent the latch from pressing too hard on my adam's apple. This wouldn't happen with D-rings...just sayin'... This is my first modular, and I have to say, I really like it. I used to associate modular helmets with old dudes on goldwings and big K bikes; no longer! Getting in and out is easy, and the physics of a modular lets the designer create a helmet that really encloses your head, not something just on your head. Sounds crazy, but give a modular a try and you'll see what I mean; C3 Pro to more of an extent than any other. It's also helpful and easier on/off for glasses-wearers and now I don't feel obligated to put my contacts in anytime I want to ride somewhere. Not a requirement for me, but a nice perk. Anyway, do yourself a favor and try one of these if you're thinking about it. If it fits, it's definitely a worthy investment that will give you years of comfort; much more than those <$200 helmets will. November 4, 2014
great expectations delivered Zilla does an awesome job selling their products. Not just an empty pitch here...the C3 Pro delivers! After a two-hour living room break-in during which I obsessed about the ratchet strap gouging my massive adam's apple (seriously, it's like a third elbow) and seemingly endless strap/ratchet adjustments, I took it for a two-hour road test this morning and the throat gouging magically disappeared. Past reasons for not going modular (unsafe, heavy, ugly, loud) were blown to smithereens. Seems as rugged, lightweight, and quiet as the old RF-1000 it replaces and the HJC CS-R2 I've been using as a summer helmet. The look speaks for itself...slim and sleek with amazing graphics and shine. A universal truth: Everything in this world is overpriced. Now that that's outta the way, I will say this: If any helmet these days is worth the price, the C3 Pro certainly is. One reason for getting the North America was the assurance of a later build date. Would a solid color or hi-viz have been on the shelf longer? Impossible to say. This NA does have a 2014 year of manufacture, although I was not able to find the month. Kept my RF1000 for seven years, and for the price of the C3 Pro, I plan to use it at least till 2020 or so. Ok, won't try to describe a bunch of details. Watch the video. Believe the hype. It's all true with this helmet. September 6, 2014
This helmet has all the qualities that one would expect for the price paid. I purchased this helmet to go on a fifteen hundred round trip ride. It is truly an amazing helmet, the fit is just right. i did not experience any pressure points. Air flow is very good. Even though I ride with a windshield there was enough air to be quite comfortable. I wear glasses so there was no need to change to a pair of sunglasses because the built in sun visor is just awesome, great clarity and no distortion. To top it off, it is amazingly quiet, I was able to listen to music at a very comfortable level through the bike's speakers and still hear normal traffic sounds. There was no neck fatigue after doing an eight hour day. Outside of being a bit pricey I have no issues with this helmet and I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to buy one. September 3, 2014
Pricey but worth the money I just started to use the helmet and so far it is everything that it's advertised to be. I am very happy with it, the first impression you get is a very solid helmet when opening and closing the chin bar. It is pretty quiet, though with my motorcycle I have a windshield. The air flow through the vents is amazing even behind the windshield compared to other helmets I've had. I wish I got one of these a couple tears ago. I also love the ratcheting chin strap feature. I only have a couple hundred miles in it so far, it is a little tight but 15 minutes of riding I don't notice that any more until the next time I put it on for a ride.I imagine it will break in nicely. July 8, 2014
Quality helmet Wife loves it! Looks cool and has great fit and finish. June 23, 2014
Great helmet I really like this helmet. It fits me well. The fit and finish justify the price. The visibility out of this helmet is very good. It is not as quiet as I had hoped for but still pretty quiet. I ride a BMW GTL and have not tried it on a bike without a windshield yet. I am planning to install the SRC system in the near future. March 14, 2014
Why did I wait so long? Incredible helmet. Quiet, comfy, etc. I will never go back to another helmet...anyone need a used XD4? Felt tight at first, but broke in after a day. Just did 1500 miles over 4 days and no issues. I hooked up the commo system and love it. Can talk on the phone easily, listen to music. Buy this helmet, you will love it. March 9, 2014
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Schuberth C3 Pro North America Women's Helmet
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A shopper asked: Does one still have to get the North American model to ensure they are getting the latest version of this Helmet? Are the graphics painted on the outside of the helmet, the only difference?... or is it shaped differently inside, hence the name North American? Dec 6, 2014
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Jamie R asked: What is the weight on this helmet? Mar 24, 2014
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Lee K: This helmet weighs 3 lbs 13.5 oz. I wear a 3xl helmet so a women's unit would weigh less. This helmet is pure quality throughout. It is quiet and comfortable. Buy it. You will not be disappointed. It costs a lot but is well worth it. Enjoy! Mar 25, 2014
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Emerson M: It's light. It's expensive but its worth buying. I have no regrets buying my schubert c3 pro north america. Mar 24, 2014
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Jamie R: Thanks 4 commenting! But what is the weight? Mar 24, 2014
A shopper asked: For the Schuberth C3 Pro for Women helmet, can the SENA 20S Bluetooth System be installed on it? I noticed that this helmet has a slide control for the drop-down-visor, right about where the SENA 20S would clamp on. Would I be using the 2-Way Tape instead of the SENA clamping system? I know everyone might recommend the Schuberth Comm system instead of the SENA... but I think the jog dial of the SENA is far superior to the underside neck-roll buttons of the Schuberth system. Any comments?? Dec 6, 2014
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Bobby B: I have an SRC system for a C3 Pro. Controls are in the padding of the helmet. The dealer installed the system for me. Dec 6, 2014
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Jamie R asked: Is this helmet recommended for off roading too? Dirt Roads Dirt Trails. Going to be riding my new GS 650, and looking for the best option for Long distance and local riding. Mar 24, 2014
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Frederic B: this is definitely the best option Apr 3, 2014
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Jamie R asked: What is the cost to replace any parts? Including the shield? Mar 24, 2014
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Sam M: Sorry I don't know.. Apr 1, 2014
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Schuberth C3W Womens Helmet Sizing

Size Measurement (cm)
XXS 51-51
XS 52-53
SM 54-55
MD 56-57
LG 58-59


Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

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Product Style RevZilla Item # Manufacturer Product # Availability
White / SM (54/55) 935461 4379124360 Available: Requires 2-4 business days processing time prior to shipment.
White / MD (56/57) 935462 4379125360 In Stock: Ships within 24 hours
White / LG (58/59) 935463 4379126360 In Stock: Ships within 24 hours