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Rukka 3-Finger Gore-Tex Gloves
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Rukka 3-Finger Gore-Tex Gloves Videos

Rukka 3-Finger Gore-Tex Gloves

The fleece-lined Rukka 3-Finger gloves offer extreme warmth and waterproofing, without sacrificing protection.


  • Textile gloves with leather palm
  • Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable Gore-Tex gloves
  • Extra warmth for colder riding conditions
  • Fleece lining
  • Scaphoid protection with molded PVC/carbon fiber mix
  • Visor wiper on left hand
  • Velcro cuff closure and drawstring opening to seal out the elements
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Rukka 3-Finger Gore-Tex Gloves 4.7 5 20 20
Fantastic winter gloves I ride year-round, in rain and cold and all the other stuff. This is my second try at gloves that will a.) not let my hands get wet and b.) keep my hands warm. In western Oregon, we generally have loads of rain from October-June. However, it usually isn't both sub-freezing and raining at the same time, so warm gloves don't necessarily have to be dry gloves, but since it does rain a lot here, I want them to be waterproof, too. These gloves absolutely rock at both things. The design is weird, but it works like a charm. I haven't had any trouble with turn signals or throttle control. Yes, they're bulky. That's so they can have enough loft to keep the icy air off your hands. They are very waterproof; about a week ago we had pretty heavy rainfall. I was riding at about 70mph in heavy rain for over an hour at a stretch, and not once did my hands get wet. Not damp. Not clammy. They were warm and comfortable. It was awesome. They have a palm slider, which is a great thing in my opinion. No other protection, but with the thickness of the gloves, you're unlikely to need knuckle protection for the most part, I'd think. And finally, they're very warm. We rode in ~30F weather for about 2 hours (with short stops to do errands, but 40 minutes at 70mph on the highway at a time) and my hands didn't get cold. Something to keep in mind with winter gloves like this -- their loftiness/fluffiness is what helps keep your hands warm. Don't pack these away somewhere where they can be squished down flat. Let them sit without compression. If you flatten them, you're ruining their ability to insulate. December 1, 2014
Odd glove... Purchased this for better cold weather protection. Went for the Gore-Tex for mainly wind blocking, not necessarily rain, but that works too. The fit seems right on. Using the measurements and chart, I fell into a large and the large fit fine. What is odd is that the outer shell seems to keep two fingers together, but the inner liner still has separate positions for each finger. This doesn't quite allow one finger to help warm another and doesn't quite offer the room that I expected in the glove. In temps just above freezing, I was plenty comfortable. Reaching and using the controls were a challenge at first, but as I rode, I got used to the bulk. Eventually the only real issue was signaling a left turn as it was hard to hook the control with my thumb to pull it left. Got into the habit of signaling a bit earlier to be sure. The cinch on the wrist is a nice velcro strap. The cinch on the gauntlet is a nice pull cord. The cord lock is held, so you can easily pull it tight with one hand or your teeth as needed. Releasing it takes both hands, but you usually have it off for that anyway. Without the heated grips on, I could feel some coldness of the handlebars coming through the base of my fingers, but with the grips on, that vanished. The heat sink effect of handlebars is significant and I'd rather a thinner glove and heated grips than something that tried to completely eliminate it. I'm sure if you spent more you could get better dexterity and such, but for the price point, these do a good job keeping the hands comfortable in cold conditions. November 3, 2014
Great for price I ride many mornings in the low 30's. My hands were painfully cold in last pair of "winter" gloves. These exceeded my expectations for the price, even for short periods in the high 20's. I do have grip heaters but even so I think you would be happy with the glove if you don't have heaters.Can's speak for waterproof limits. The lobster design is not even noticed when wearing except for the fact that I believe it adds to the comfort. I think you would be hard pressed to find a warmer glove for the price. April 10, 2014
Bizarre looking but great I've had these for a month or two, and so far they've been excellent. These gloves are very warm and comfortable. I have to say that my finger tips get a bit numb after extended riding in near-freezing temps, but that's to be expected for non-heated gear. Definitely water/windproof, too. My only real gripe is that I feel like there's too much material in the palm and not enough in the finger tips. When sitting at a light (grabbing levers), my finger tips are being pulled back by the gloves whereas my palms feel like the could use less material/bulk to wrap around the grips. Sometimes this results in grabbing more throttle than I intended. Overall, solid gloves at a great price. April 10, 2014
Excellent dexterity, great warmth, might want to go a size larger. Kept me warm down to 30F at city speeds, although around 70-80F you'll be feeling the cold within around a half hour. 20F and I get numb around the 30 minute mark. I think I might have long fingers for my palm width, so they may not actually run slightly small. I mention this because my fingertips press against the end of the glove pretty firmly when I'm riding, and I think I'm losing a little of the insulation. I was really impressed with the dexterity of the gloves, they're easy to ride in and I have no issue with the lobster style. Also, palm sliders are a huge plus as a safety feature in my opinion. Great gloves, especially at the price point. March 3, 2014
Glad I purchased Wish had a little more protection. Did an 1hr 35 degrees ride, couple fingers can feel cold but not too bad. I used to shovel snow and my hands were sweating. My 'artic' gloves didnt work that well in phila :) Heard mittens help because your fingers are keeping each other warm and less glove area exposed to cold around each finger, makes sense to me. March 3, 2014
Who doesn't like lobster? Did you know that Native Americans refused to eat lobsters, because they considered them to be vile and distasteful creatures. At first glance a lobster might look pretty alien and hideous, but it only takes a bit of boiling and some butter to appreciate the fact that it is an edible treat that you can only afford once a year when your mother in law comes to visit. So too with this glove. At first glance, this glove looks like inedible garbage. But who cares what a glove looks like? Let me tell you (and foregoing all of my customary hyperbole), this baby wraps your hands in a layer of Goretex, Cotton, and other insulating fibers so thick that you could be forgiven for believing that you had momentarily been transported back into the protective, warm, comforting embrace of your mother's uterus. This glove is basically a one-way air plane ticket for you hands. Destination? Hawaii, probably. St. Thomas, maybe, although I've heard its expensive. Regardless, somewhere warm and tropical, where the idea of sleet, rain, snow, ice, and sub-freezing temperatures is regarded as myth and furtively whispered to truculent children as a warning before bedtime. Your hands will feel transported, and the experience is ethereal. You know what else is ethereal? Grip feel. This is where the marvelous fairy tale of this story begins to take a dark turn. I won't go so far as to say that this glove interferes with your ability to control the bike in the same sense that miscommunication cost Hitler the Eastern Front. I'm just saying that Stalingrad in winter is never a good idea. Specifically? Turn signals. Your bike may be different than mine, but it's not, all bikes are the same, you know it, I know it, so let's skip the formalities and get to the part where you're freaking out because you can't cancel your left turn signal while pulling your clutch owing to the fact that the entire tip of your left thumb has been turned into an amorphous blob of protoplasmic inarticulation not dissimilar in form and function to our old friend, Vice President Dick Cheney. But don't worry, you'll get used to it and adapt. Some of your movements will become cartoonish and exaggerated to compensate. For example, instead of casually flicking your indicator switch you will stretch and contort your thumb over and around the top to ensure complete control and tactile response. This glove yields grudgingly to human ingenuity and in the end, like a well-bred mastiff, behaves more docile during your second encounter. And who has the time or energy to worry about peripheral losses in glove feel when your hands feel so comfortable and warm? If you're thinking about buying this glove, than you MUST have tried riding in cold weather without it. Which means right now your thought processes are evenly split between, "What does WebMD know about frostbite anyway? It's just a website. The internet can't be trusted. I remember Napster..." and "Maybe I'm just a fair weather rider like my father-in-law." Trust me, anonymous internet stranger. You are not your father-in-law. And with this glove, you shouldn't have to worry about frost bite until the thermometer dips below freezing. At that point, it doesn't matter if your speedometer is in miles-per-hour, or kilometers-per-kumquat, the number "60" on your dash is going to translate to "numb fingertips" in about 30 minutes. Have I ridden farther with this glove in colder temperature. You're better believe I have. I'm a champion of all-weather motorcycle riding. I'm the guy that you dream about being. I'm the guy who wears GLOVE LINERS underneath his gloves. Because you know what's worse than numb fingertips? "I told you so" conversations with your mother-in-law at Red Lobster. March 3, 2014
Ugly Gloves but Super Warm! First, these gloves size out about 1 or 2 sizes smaller than measured. Save yourself some trouble and order a size larger than they recommend. When I got the gloves I was highly skeptical about some of the reviews talking about how warm these gloves were. They don't look like they'd be that warm and to be honest I thought I'd made a mistake purchasing them after opening the box and holding them in my hands. The first pair I got were actually too small, and I was already considering returning simply because they looked too 'light weight', but I put them on and took a short ride around the block in 15 degree weather and was surprised by how warm they were. I'm so glad I opted to exchange for a size larger! The palm side of the gloves are leather but there isn't a lot of insulation between the leather and the inner liner. The outer side is a synthetic fabric with a fair amount (not a ton) of insulation. The impression you'd get by just holding these gloves is they are a lot lighter and thinner than you'd expect for a glove that reviews so well with people who ride in the cold. You really have to go for a ride in these gloves to appreciate how good they are at keeping the cold out as they are literally wind proof and the insulation on the outside protects the hands nicely while the lack of insulation in the palms allows you to maintain fine control of the bars and levers. Now the disclaimer part - my commute is about 30 minutes and 20 miles each way. I live in Dallas, TX so the coldest it gets here is around 20 and my bike does have heated grips which I do use on the sub 30 days of riding. If you live in much colder areas or commute much further than I do without heated grips these gloves may not cut it for you. For me they are perfect - the best cold weather gloves I've owned. February 27, 2014
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Rukka 3-Finger Gore-Tex Gloves
Already Asked: 4 Questions, 42 Answers
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RevZilla Store asked: Why did you choose this?
Chuck M: Outstanding reviews by previous purchasers. Dec 14, 2014
Albert F: Now my hands never get cold! Dec 5, 2014
Charles E: read all the views , this sounds the best bang for the buck Oct 13, 2014
Chase S: Solid cold weather wear without breaking the bank. Oct 12, 2014
Steven M: Waterproof, warm, suitable with heated grips, less expensive than other Gore-Tex options. Oct 10, 2014
Jeremy K: Needed a pair of winter gloves, and who doesn't want to look like a ninja turtle Oct 6, 2014
M A: Wanted a non-heated late fall glove that could keep my hands warm during those 5 degree celsius mornings. Jul 27, 2014
Robert Z: Love Rukka quality. Apr 4, 2014
Gilbert B: Mittens are always better in keeping your hands warm, after all when you put your hands in your pockets your fingers get warm faster because they are next to one another. Apr 2, 2014
Gabriel T: Chicago is cold. Mar 25, 2014
Michael P: Protection from the elements in cold weather riding situations and design. Feb 9, 2014
Antonio S: It is really damn cold! Feb 1, 2014
Curt B: Claimed to be and would seem to be the warmest glove for the price. Jan 28, 2014
Jeffrey P: I have a pair of Kombi gloves with the same finger configuration I have had for about 15 years and they have been the greatest gloves I have ever had. I use them for skiing and snowboarding. They are Kevlar and leather and have held up incredibly well. This is the first glove I have seen that has the same configuration and looks to be of high quality. I hope I am right. Jan 27, 2014
Sean K: I ride long distence in cold weather. I dont like to be cold when I can avoid it. Electical stuff can malfunction. Jan 25, 2014
Jeremy A: the reviews were great and my fingers will thank me later Jan 17, 2014
Brian S: Best fit for winter Jan 12, 2014
Michael C: Good reviews, good price. I bought the size 9 based on measurements of my hands per the Rukka sizing guide but apparently my hand is shaped weird and the glove was too small. Returning these but reordered in a size 11. Confident these will be perfect. Dec 29, 2013
David G: They're the only gloves that seem like they can handle 29 degrees Dec 9, 2013
Curt R: They look warm and have good protection. Have a regular commute of 30-miles each way and New England can get COLD!! No heated grips at this point... Dec 2, 2013
William C: My current winter gloves are too small and I have no feel with them. Dec 2, 2013
JASON S: I need a really warm set of gloves for riding in Canada. Nov 27, 2013
olaf t: Looks to have a great reviews.I ride year round and would like to have warmer hands Nov 25, 2013
Daniel K: Lobster. Nov 14, 2013
Michael S: I needed some good gloves to protect from some cold- to extreme cold temps while I commute on my bike daily to work. I ride 55mph and is about 25 min each way. I work 2nd shift, so leave late at night and with the exception of ice, I plan to ride 2 wheels everyday. My cheaper no name brand gloves weren't cutting it. I bought these on the advice of one of the sales people at Revzilla. Nov 4, 2013
Will S asked: Hi,

I was wondering if it would be possible to wear my Alpinestar GP Pro gloves under these, because I want to have the full protection when I'm commuting on the highway. I'm looking for something warm to use in the winter, and I'm hoping that I would be able to wear these over my current gloves?

Oct 21, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
charles w h: I don't see why not ...cause I have worn two pairs if gloves in the past dozens of times with great success using a winter glove over top a summer glove ...and the three finger design Rukka should be easy to do ...and I was thinking the same thing just the other day ...but bad news ...I can't find my pair of Rukka's from last year ...I have misplaced them and that makes me very sad .... these puppies are great just the way they are clear down to about 20*F but you could tell that your hands where starting to get very cooled of after about 30*F at speed ..so a lighter pair of riding gloves under them would give you more confidents to brave colder weather ....if you decide to do this I would get the next size larger to try 1st and if they are too big and lose revzilla will trade them, out for free shipping both ways I believe ...call them up and ask them about exchanging because of size ..they will work with you ... they like to sell whatever it takes to keep you happy and coming back ! Oct 21, 2014
Reply to charles w Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Colt M: I would not recommend it. The gloves themselves are of medium thickness compared to GP style type gloves (remember these are gore-tex and insulated). My largest concern would be your loss of finger control. You would be wearing too much material to effectively control the brake, clutch, and throttle - the gloves do have a slight learning curve. I have personally had a "high-side" event while wearing these gloves. The protective material on the palm definitely saved my hands. However, the gloves are not designed to protect a "knuckle-drag" event at higher speeds. Oct 22, 2014
Reply to Colt Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Vance P: This answer is probably way late but:

I wear these with no liners down to freezing but not below and my hands stay pretty warm. They fit a little bit large in the fingers but small in the palm for me, so going up a size would make gripping the controls pretty diffucult, so it depends on how long your gingers are and how big your other gloves are.

Hope that helps?
Oct 30, 2014
Reply to Vance Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Jonathan M: Well, that I'm definitely not sure. If you order a large enough size of the Rukka's, you may be able to pull it off, but honestly, that's kind of a trial and error thing, and you'll have to personally figure out how they fit. You'll have a better chance if you have small hands. The Rukka's are a little bit loose, but it depends on how thick the Alpinestars gloves are as well. Oct 21, 2014
Reply to Jonathan Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
BEN C: I don't know. It may be difficult to get them on and off because of the lining. If you do, be sure to order them large enough - like a couple sizes too large. Oct 21, 2014
Reply to BEN Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Daniel K: This isn't an over glove and the liner has individual fingers so I'm not sure these will work for that unless you ordered really large. Oct 22, 2014
Reply to Daniel Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Kevin K asked: I measure 9.5 at the widest portion of my hand. Would I purchase size 11 or go a size up and get the 12? Feb 5, 2014
Answer this · Send to friends Good question? Yes (0) No (0)
Steve K: My hand measured 10“ so I bought size 12 (2xl). The size fits me perfect. Not too big but plenty of room. That being said, since you're a bit smaller, I'd suggest the 11, knowing that you can return them and then get the 12s . Great gloves. I've never felt limited by the lobster style design. Good luck. Feb 5, 2014
Reply to Steve Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michael P: I would say that an eleven (11) is probably the correct size for you, Kevin, as I measure about nine and a quarter (9.25") and the elevens fit fine, with some room. Keep in mind that Revzilla has a killer staff and return policy should you need it. Good luck! Feb 6, 2014
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
John A: My hand measures about 9" around and I went with the size 11 and while roomy, it doesn't feel too big and I still have good control. I would suggest trying the size 12. Feb 5, 2014
Reply to John Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Michael C: These gloves seem to size a little big small, I'd go a size up to 12. Feb 27, 2014
Reply to Michael Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Bruce M: I measure 10 and bought 11. Not too snug, not too loose.
Bruce M
Feb 5, 2014
Reply to Bruce Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Vance P: I would go a size up if you feel you have long fingers. If you have short fat fingers like me, stick to the chart. I went with a size larger and feel like there's too much room in the thumb and it makes the signals slightly harder to use than my summer gloves.

Hope that helps?

Feb 5, 2014
Reply to Vance Good answer? Yes (0) No (1)
Damian C asked: I already have the Rukka R-Star gloves and while they are great, i was riding through snow (while snowing) today and had cold fingers. Are the Rukka Lobster gloves going to be able to cope with these conditions, or do i need to look for a heated solution?
Jul 18, 2014
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Gilbert B: There are too many personal variables for me too answer yes or no with any certainty. Examples are, your tolerance for cold, do you have good or bad blood circulation, does your bike have heated grips, are you using liners ect. Knowing that mittens generally do keep fingers warmer, chances are that you will happy with this product. However there is a design built hard spot in the glove that is supposed too provide protection too the heel of your hand during a crash, this feature may interfere with your "feel" for your grip throttle, ithos feature does bother me so I will only be using my Loberster mittens while operating my thumb throttled 4 wheeler.
Good day,
God Bless our liberties and brave patriots.
Jul 18, 2014
Reply to Gilbert Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
John A: I love these gloves but I live in TX so snow isn't something we get that much. We did have some temps around 30 and compared to similar gloves these do a much better job of keeping fingers warm. Of course a heated system, which I also have, will most likely keep your fingers warm for even lower temps, got to remember they require power. Jul 18, 2014
Reply to John Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Justin S: They are definitely an improvement. Over other gloves I've had. The problem is at speed, when it's cold it's cold. Only heated gloves can work through most. Truth be told. The cuffs are not long enough to be gauntlets that I need. They do work just could be much longer. Jul 18, 2014
Reply to Justin Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
George R: I had lobster gloves for bicycling which I used for motorcycling. Worked well. I'm hoping, but haven't tested yet, that the GoreTex lobsters will take care of rain as well as wind and cold. I'd bet they're ok down to freezing but not below. Jul 18, 2014
Reply to George Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)
Albert F: I use these gloves on my morning freeway commute down to about 30 degrees and my hands stay warm. They are also very comfortable for a winter glove. Jul 20, 2014
Reply to Albert Good answer? Yes (0) No (0)

Sizing Instructions

We highly recommend using a cloth tape measure to take the following measurements:

  • Chest:  Measure from under/top of armpit across chest to under/top of other armpit, then across back to first armpit
  • Waist: Measure at the hourglass of your torso, (circumference measured at your bellybutton).
  • Hips:  Measure the widest part of your hips below the waist, or pelvic bone to pelvic bone.
  • Outseam:  Measure from your waist, along the curve of your hip down to your heel.
  • Sleeve:  Measure the length from the back of your neck, over your shoulder and elbow, to your wrist bone.

Rukka Men's Glove Sizing

To measure, place your right hand on a flat surface and measure the circumference at the widest point, usually just below the knuckles.

Rukka Size Measurement (in) Approx. Alpha Size
7 7-7.25 XS
8 7.5-7.75 SM
9 8-8.25 MD
10 8.5-8.75 LG
11 9-9.25 XL
12 10-10.25 2XL
13 10.5-10.75 3XL

Sizing information is provided by the manufacturer and does not guarantee a perfect fit.

Click here to see the full Rukka Size Chart
Product Style RevZilla Item # Manufacturer Product # Availability
Black / 10 835065 70175-778-990-10 Out of Stock
Black / 11 835066 70175-778-990-11 Out of Stock
Black / 12 835067 70175-778-990-12 In Stock: Ships within 24 hours
Black / 13 835068 70175-778-990-13 In Stock: Ships within 24 hours
Black / 7 835062 70175-778-990-7 In Stock: Ships within 24 hours
Black / 8 835063 70175-778-990-8 Out of Stock
Black / 9 835064 70175-778-990-9 Out of Stock