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Let's walk through two groups of motorcycle helmets. The first that you see is going to be, in my opinion, the best of what's new for 2013. The second group of helmets that we're going to get through really, really quickly is going to be what I call the perennial favorites - which in each category and a lot of price points you're going to find a dual sport, a touring, a sport bike, a hard core race helmet that are going to be the best of what I consider in their category.

Remember, this is part of our 2013 guides here at I have a detailed breakdown video on every helmet on the table that I'm going to show you today. You can also click to shop this entire collection right here or below the video on our YouTube channel when you're ready to start looking at the product on

First up's going to be my Shoei GT-Air, new for this year, standing on the shoulders of a lot of the aerodynamic research they've done with the 1100, with the X-12. This is now a multipurpose really sport oriented helmet with some touring functionality.

Notice the dropdown sun visor, new aerodynamic profile. It's going to vent better. Intermediate oval head shape. Coming in around that $500 mark, so it's super premium, from Shoei. Again, also with a pin lock lens in the box. Graphics as well as solid colors available. This helmet has made a big splash in 2013. We're really excited to road test it in a much more hard core fashion.

To the left you're going to see the other polarizing helmet of 2013. This is called the Bell Rogue. Very, very distinct in its design. From Bell. I'm going to call it a half helmet. It really has a more three quarter line to it. Removable muzzle in the front. V-twin's gone crazy. The naked bike market's going crazy. We're even hearing for a boost of guys that want to get it in a chromed out version. It comes in gunmetal. It comes in black.

This is completely removable. It uses a neodymium magnet called the fidlock system. It allows you to remove it. This kind of takes the place of those guys that are going to wear a bandana a lot of times - especially on the west coast. Also, check out the MAG-9 Sena from Bell which has the integrated Bluetooth unit, another honorable mention new helmet from Bell for this year. This is going to be more of a neutral oval head shape on the Bell. It's going to come in sub-$300.

Keep in mind, too, I'd love to hear your gut reaction on this first collection here on the table. Subscribe to us at RevZilla TV, our YouTube channel.

Now, moving over to my right. The first time that we've seen emergency cheek pads on a sub-$200 helmet. This is the EXO-R410 from Scorpion coming in right around that $160 mark to start. Solids and graphics available.

My opinion, Snell 2010, it's going to be a lighter weight polycarb. They've completely gutted and redesigned this helmet. Like I did say, it does have emergency cheek pads  removal system. A lot of new to it, but sub-$200. In a very crowded category this is one of the standouts. In my opinion it's going to go kind of heads up with something like a Shark S700 for this year moving forward.

Going down the line, the first time we're ever seeing a carbon fiber modular. By the way, this is going to be in a more neutral round shape. Carbon fiber modular with a photochromic shield stock in the box as well as a pin lock system.

This is the LaZer Monaco Carbon from Belgium. It has a sister helmet called the LaZer Carbon Kestrel that's available at as well for sub-$400. Extremely lightweight, the lightest modular we've ever seen, and it comes stock with that luminal face shield. That's going to be intermediate oval head shape. A lot of bang for the buck for the touring crowd at around the $500 mark.

Sliding all the way back to my left,its competitor here, we see the super top of the food chain modular. This is the Schuberth C3 Pro. They changed over 25 different things. They made the fit more comfortable for more riders. Still intermediate oval head shape. More air. They've added a spoiler on the back so it's going to be better from an aerodynamic standpoint. But, the big story is that it's lighter, and they've also managed to shave two decibels off it. So, now this is the new juggernaut as far as quiet modular helmets go on the market.

Moving into our staples, we see five helmets in front of me. If they suit your style and they suit your budget, there's not a single loser on this table. This is based off of previous years history. These are the staples. These are the highest rated in customer satisfaction. These are the motorcycle helmets that we wear at I have videos on all of these. Watch their breakdowns.

Let's start with Goldilocks. Why Goldilocks for the RF-1100 rom Shoei? Because this is the helmet that's just right. It does everything. You can wear it in any riding scenario - track day, sport touring, touring, hard core, multi season touring. Other than a DS helmet or a modular, it's really going to stand the test of time. Lots of graphics. Intermediate oval head shape. Sub-$400.

I always call the RF-1100 the gateway drug, because a lot of times you'll have guys that spend $100 to $200 on their first helmet. They're really looking to get to that next level. This is the sub-$400 next level that everybody picks hands down from Shoei, the RF-1100. Yes, that was an endorsement from me.

Moving to the middle, the top selling modular of 2012, Shoei Neotec. New from last year. Standing on all of the DNA of the Multitec. Internal dropdown sun visor as you can see. This is the borealis graphic. It also comes in all the classic solid colors for you touring guys. They've done a nice job. Remember, when I say modular it means that it comes up. Very clean in its design. Increased air flow. Again, intermediate oval head shape. This is going to be sub-$600 in that 5 and a half range from Shoei.

Continuing to my left, this is the Icon Airmada. This comes in at the sub-$200 sport bike track day option. I showed you the 410 in our first segment of this video. This helmet, people don't realize. They think Icon, oh it's going to have such loud graphics. This silver is beautiful. This has a race fit. It's ECE 22.05 rated, and it vents extremely well. It's also the longest oval head shape in the sub-$200 category. Icon Airmada, you need to check it out.

I'm going to give a quick shout out to the K4 EVO from AGV which comes in some of those Rossi graphics as well. We see a lot of guys that want more Italian inspiration go for that helmet in this sub-$200 category.

Moving to the right side of the table now I have our race helmet. You say it's not an Arai Corsair V. You're right. We all know the Arai Corsair V. We know what it does. We know how great it is. It's rock solid.

I want to give you another option. This is the $600 Shark Race-R Pro that Randy De Puniet's been crashing in for years in MotoGP. They changed the liner for this year in the interior head shape. It's now a true intermediate oval head shape. It has a very aggressive line. It's very much a super premium helmet. This is one of the graphic options. Three millimeter on the face shield. There's a lot that Shark does really, really well.

If I turn it upside down you're going to see how encompassing and quiet this sucker is. We really like it. We've been riding in it. It's very, very much a nice raise of the bar from Shark helmets.

Again, like I said, remember, you can subscribe to us on RevZilla TV. I'd love to hear your comments. Again, we're going to ship and exchange all these bad boys for free.

Moving down to my left our last helmet on the table, this is the old granddad in your dual sport category. This is the helmet to have if you can have only one and you ride a GS or KTM 990 Adventure. This is the Arai XD-4, Snell rated, release gesture. It's a stud. We know the Shoei Hornet DS. We know some of the entry level DS helmets in the market. The only other helmet that I like as much as this helmet, but really they're apples and oranges from a functional spec, is something like the AGV AX-8 DS EVO helmet which is going to be AGV's really aggressive motorcycle helmet.

Here in the Arai very tuneable on the inside. This is the orange graphic. This is actually like a double extra large. That's why it looks so big on the table. Again, quiet, very functional. Will take goggles. I do a lot of long distance multi season adventure touring, and I will take my XD-4 wherever I go.

Keep in mind this is part of our larger gear guide series - for jackets, for gloves, for boots. We release them all spring at You can shop it at

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