Lowbrow Customs was started in 2004 in the bedroom of founder Tyler Malinky.  For reasons still murky, he bought a domain name, designed the logo - and did nothing more. A year later, his wife suggested he sell some cool stickers on the site, and the rest, as they say, is history. Lowbrow now produces and sells sweet chopper parts, apparel, and media that is groundbreaking. They (Tyler, and his brother Kyle who joined Tyler early on to help do cool motorcycle stuff) take their customers very personally, and inject themselves and their unique flavor of doing business into every part they sell. Sure, the money helps, but as they have said before, they do chopper-guy stuff because it's fun, they like do to do it, and because being in a business one loves is a surefire ticket to happiness.

Lowbrow has partnered with Wes White, David Bird, and Frank Kaisler to produce educational DVDs, and they are masters of super-cool chopper get-togethers. (The Getdown and the Midwest Moto Swap come to mind.)  If they aren't hosting an event, odds are good if it happens in North America, they'll be there and/or be sponsoring the event. Truly a grassroots business, Lowbrow puts the 'home' into 'home-brewed'!

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Lowbrow Customs

Lowbrow Customs GT Grips
4 colors available
Lowbrow Customs Cloth Spark Plug Wire Set
7 colors available
Lowbrow Customs Cole Foster Signature Series Grips
Rated 5 Stars
4 colors available
Lowbrow Customs Fuel Sight Gauge
2 colors available
Lowbrow Customs Fish Scale Grips
Rated 4 Stars
4 colors available