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Uncle Loomis

  • Nicknames: Lemmy, Uncle Loomis, Sticky Jangles, Pangor
  • Riding Since: 2001
  • Bikes: Rigid Blockhead, Swingarm Blockhead, Swingarm Shovelhead, 1993 Harley FLSTF, 2013 Honda XR650L, 1985 Honda Magna, 2001 Buell Blast, 1994 Kawasaki Concours, 2003 Feying Destin (A scooter.  This is the worst - and most embarrassing - of the lot.), 1972 Honda CB350, 2004 Honda Rebel, 2003 Honda Shadow VLX , 1978 Honda CX500, 1979 Honda CX500, 1982 Honda CX500, 2003 Suzuki SV1000, 1977 Kawasaki KZ400, 1985 Suzuki GS450 caféd, 1975 Honda CB400F (a pair of those), 2001 Suzuki Bandit, 1996 Suzuki Savage, 1986 Yamaha Radian, 1977 Suzuki Katana 600, 2008 Triumph Bonneville, 1977 Suzuki GS750, 1978 Suzuki GS550, 1977 Suzuki GS550, 1986 Yamaha XV750, 1994 Tomos Golden Bullet TT LX (a moped -  my first “bike”)
  • Riding Style: Street only, for now.  Bar-to-bar on the weekends (Don’t drink and ride, kids!), and recently, I opened up my own category of riding:  Adventure Commuting (see below).
  • Most Asked Question: “How do you ride that thing?”

I’m Lemmy, and RevZilla calls me a Merchandising Specialist.  It’s sort of a misnomer - like everyone else at ZLA, I’m a renaissance man.  First and foremost I am a customer advocate - it’s very likely we’ll talk on the phone or I may answer your emails.  Next, I’m the parts guy!  I’m also a wrench.  I’ve been fixing bikes as long as I’ve been breaking them, which actually was slightly before I started riding them.  (My first bike was a non-running basket case.)  I’m dual-ASE certified as an Automobile Technician and Parts Counterman, and still keep old iron running. (I have a bike jack and two-post car lift in my shop - if I’m not at RevZilla doing the parts thing, I’m in the shop wrenching away!)  I’ve worked in every corner of the bike and auto repair industry - from dealerships to junkyards, to moonlighting on my own and for indie shops - right down to bicycles.

I’m a stereotypical biker; filthy and greasy all the time, tattoos, earrings in every part of my body, and usually seeking good times and adventures.  I’ll ride ten miles to go pick up parts, or a few hundred just to go eat something tasty in a new place.  I currently have a couple of cut-up Harleys in the garage.  I also have a little, old Magna that sees commuting duty at the present time.  (76 miles each way.  On a thirty-year-old bike with a 3 gallon tank, I like to think of it as “adventure commuting”; I never know what’s gonna break next, and I am always too far from RevZilla and running late when it happens!)

My first ‘real’ motorcycle was a ‘72 Honda CB350.  I have a soft spot for anything two-wheeled, but Harley is and always will be a love for me.  Japanese cruisers and standards (UJMs!  Remember those?) are the bikes I know the most about other than Harleys, and I’ve puttered around with sportbikes.

On a personal note, I love to ride the snot out of my ‘beater’ motorcycles, and polish the purdy ones.  (My chop has no idea what rain feels like.)  My favorite passenger is my beautiful bride, and my second-favorite is our son.  On the rare occasions I’m able to spend some free time away from internal combustion contraptions, I like hunting, fishing, playing music (guitar, with a smattering of bass and harmonica), splitting wood, taking naps, and brewing beer.  I’m also a big fan of cookies.

If you ever think I can help you - call me and ask.  I take genuine pleasure in helping folks keep their machines on the road.  I mean that in a very serious way - I’ve spent many long, greasy hours learning how to fix bikes, and while I do need a paycheck, at this point, my involvement in the industry largely is for love of the game.  When I found a bunch of folks with the same attitude at RevZilla, I knew I was home.  Give us a ring or drop us a line - everyone here is an expert on something, and a couple of Zillains are experts on everything!

Favorite part of being on TeamZilla:  What kind of question is that?  Motorcycles!  Sincerely.  All my colleagues have remarkably esoteric bikes.  Having cut my teeth on Japanese and American streetbikes, it’s really interesting hearing my colleagues talk about other riding styles, and getting to see and touch the bikes and equipment that proponents of other disciplines use.  And bikes are also, like, totally tubular, so there’s that.

Required Reading: Liam and the GogoBoys

Current Gear:  Nothing but garbage.  I pinch pennies so tight they scream.  I have a powder-blue mesh jacket - swear on my life - because it cost me twenty-nine bucks.  (I do not own any blue bikes!)  I have an awful one-piece suit I have begun wearing for the ride in.  My helmets are all old and smell terrible.  However, Jason Mahoney (Gear Geek) is doing a good job talking me into a new Badlands Pro that I am going to try to pick up next month, and I see a pair of Bell Vortexes in my future.  Mrs. Lemmy has indicated that that would be a good purchase for us, and she also wants a comm system, so I suspect those will make their way into stockings this year.