Legend Suspension is, arguably, the most famous name in air-ride for Harley products. Cranking out compact, effective air springs since 1998, they are the masters of making a Harley ride comfortably and effectively. They apply much of what they learn from the UTV and SXS industries to Harley suspension, and in doing so, are able to produce road-isolating suspension systems that ride more smoothly than stock, with more travel. As the only company to sport Gates Rubber Company's Kevlar-impregnated air spring technology, they are consistently an innovator in the industry because of their access to superior technology and design. Their kits are thoughtful and easy to understand, install, and operate. Try a Legend setup on your bike!

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Legend Suspension

Legend Suspension Revo-A Coil Shocks For Harley
$899.95 - $924.95 5% Off MSRP $854.95 - $879.95
Legend Suspension Revo Coil Shocks For Harley
Rated 5 Stars
$699.95 - $923.70 5% Off MSRP $664.95 - $888.70
Legend Suspension Chrome Switch For Harley
$169.95 5% Off MSRP $161.45
Legend Suspension Compressor For Aero HVG Kit
$699.95 5% Off MSRP $664.95
Legend Suspension Air Gauge For Harley Touring And Trike
Rated 5 Stars
Legend Suspension Aero Air Suspension For Harley
$1,649.95 - $1,795.95 5% Off MSRP $1567.45 - $1,713.45