Founded by Bob LePera in 1972, LePera Seats was a 'mom-and-pop' operation from the very beginning - and nothing has changed. Bob was a hot-rodder who got his footing in the world of custom cars, specializing in drag and show cars. As chopping bikes became the rage in the Seventies, Bob stayed at the front, and founded his company. 

His vision, sweat, and blood are still in California today. Bob passed away in 2008, but his legacy is bigger now than ever before. Bob's son, Bob Jr. is the head seat designer today, and his sister Christine manages sales and distribution. LePera's big enough to make something for every Harley under the sun, it seems, but small enough to still take on custom work. If you call, a real human with a friendly voice greets you - they have lost none of their family touch, but are able to turn out a product that bests the alrgest manufacturing facilities. Many of their seat pans are still formed on the equipment Bob hand-built many years ago.

LePera is making seats proudly in the USA for bikes built in America. They're carrying on the legacy Bob left, and they stand behind every seat that carries their name.

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Le Pera Seats

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