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James W.

  • Nickname: “Jim”
  • Riding since: 2006
  • Bikes: '75 Yamaha RD350 (She drips, but she rips!), '94 Yamaha FZR600R, '99 Kawasaki KE100
  • Riding style: Mainly street riding around town, occasional camping trips, and constant tom-foolery

James’ first bike was a 1984 Honda CB125S, which was given to him by a co-worker. While learning to ride it in a hotel parking garage, he dumped it while wearing shorts, and learned very quickly the importance of riding in protective gear. (He still has the exhaust scar on his leg as a constant reminder.) Since then, he has owned a plethora of bikes ranging from HD Sportsters to vintage dirtbikes.  His latest obsession is with Sportbikes from the late 80s through the early 90s.

James enjoys vintage bikes as well as cars, likes to tool around on his bikes, and is constantly altering their cosmetics. He recently restored a ‘71 CB100 with Hilary White-Speir, a former RZ co-worker and talented artist. 

Fun Fact: He participated in the Red Bull Flugtag Philadelphia in 2010, where his team set a record for negative distance.