Daryl Bassani has built a career out of moving gas a few feet out of a tube. The way he does it, though, is inimitable. Bassani has been cranking out pipes since the Sixties, and over those years, he's learned a thing or two about how to make power.  That's the defining feature of a Bassani exhaust product - the ability to make power. Everything else is secondary for them. They've built exhausts for everything under the sun - they're no strangers to two-strokes, automobile exhaust, diesels, antiques, and race vehicles.  Your bike is unique - but trust, Daryl Bassani and his crew have seen it before and likely made big power from it.

The research that goes into Bassani systems is staggering, yet each pipe is still hand-built in the United States. Material selection is always top notch - welded steel construction, end-caps formed from billets of aluminum, and the most technologically-advanced collectors in the industry.  Their attention to detail gives you many styling and construction options, and the modular nature of some of their systems allows you to create a system that is totally unique to your bike!

Couple all this with the auditory onslaught they manage to coax from your bike, and you've got an exhaust recipe that can't be beat. Trust the decades of hard work a living motorcycle legend has done, and add a splash of shine and sound to your bike.

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Bassani Exhaust