Avon, a subsidiary of Cooper Tires, has been producing tires since 1904. In over a century, Avon has gotten a remarkable grasp on how to combine the very-best modern designs with innovative technologies to create superior motorcycle tires. Avon motorcycle tires puts all of their designs through a stringent testing process and as a result, create motorcycle tires of unmatched quality.

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More info on the 2014 Avon Tires:

Anthony: Hey, this Anthony, with RevZilla TV, where you can watch, decide and ride. Welcome to our Avon Tire Guide and Brand Overview at RevZilla.com. So, in this video, I'm going to walk through the five main styles of Avon tire. We're going to talk about the application, hopefully give you a starting point, if you're starting your tire search, of what you could immediately home in on, to begin to further educate yourself, and find the right tire, within the Avon family. Depending on the riding style, your budget, the application, hopefully you can jump right in then and start to walk through different individual product review videos, for the different styles of tires. So you can learn a little bit more about them.

So really, five key styles. The first I'm going to start with, on my right, these are my sport tires. There's a few different families here. The first is a Storm 2 Ultra. The Storm 2 Ultra is an all-season, high performance tire for sport and sport touring applications, in your common sport bike rim sizes. So, it's a mixture of mileage, performance, and wet grip, built here, into the Storm 2. This is a more recent addition to the line, and it's one of the more popular tires, for those of you that don't want to go to the track.

Moving into the 3D Ultra Series, here's where we have our family of really three tires, that are 3D Ultra. And 3D Ultra really speaks to this new 3D siping technology, that you see on the tire. It's technology that adds grip, heat distribution and stability to the carcass, and you have three tires within that line. You have the 3D Ultra Sport, which is your 90/10 street to track tire. The 50/50, which is the 3D Ultra Super Sport, and the 3D Ultra Extreme, which is a full on, track day tire, with the least amount of tread, using multiple compounds and single compound tires. Full video breakdown on all three of those, check it out. But that's going to be your aggressive, high performance, track day tire from Avon, is that 3D Ultra family of tire.

Moving into some of our other types of tires. The first up, for the cruiser family, we have the Venom Tire, as well as the Cobra Tire. And the Venom comes into, even that Venom-R, which you've seen on some of those bikes, we joke it's a kickstand eliminator, 333 in the width. Some of those monster cruiser, rear tires you see, are the Venom. It's an upgraded cruiser for heavy bikes. Think Valkyrie, VTX, Goldwing. Some of the bigger, cruiser, V-Twin, or metric cruiser bikes.

And again, you're getting upgraded performance in handling, in grip and longevity, out of the Avon Venom and Cobra series of tires. Moving down from there, and remember, we have videos on all of these. You see your Roadrider. Your Roadrider is a vintage classic tire, that comes in 33 different sizes. One of the key components, besides the fact that, I believe, it's available on radial and bias, is that you also have the ability to have good performance with using newer technologies, but keep your vintage and classic look.

There's also the AM26 TT version, this tire, which is the race inspired version, with speed ratings up to V. So again, classic vintage tire, with high speed ratings. It will work really well, in a myriad of different sizes. And then last up in the Avon family, besides the dirt tires that they do, you have the Distanzia. And really this is part of the dual sport family. This is the more popular dual sport tire. This is for big bikes, think 1000cc, 17 and 18 inch rim sizes. This is a 90/10 tire. The nice chevron pattern gives you better wear, better grip in the corners, but it will also allow you to move a good amount of soil, without squaring it off in the longer term.

Think big bike, 1000cc, your GS's, your KTM 990 Adventures, your 1000cc V-Stroms. Now, if you're moving down to that 600 Class, if you're a KLR or you're a V-Strom guy, look at the Gripster from Avon, which is going to be your smaller bike dual sport tire. Now remember, as I said a couple times in this video, we have videos specifically on all these different families, and specific tires. You're going to want to look at those. We talk about prices. We talk about rim sizes. We talk further about the nuances in the technology and the wear patterns of these tires.

But really in this video, we wanted to give you enough to immediately, if you're a cruiser guy, you're going to narrow the other four, and you're going to immediately jump into the Cobra and Venom family of tires, as an example, and you can start right there. So, if you have any questions about the Avon family of tires or any of the tires at RevZilla.com, we hope we demystified a lot in this video, and our family of videos, but shoot us a line. See us at RevZilla.com or 877-792-9455. We want to hear your experience with Avon.

So, leave us a comment on our RevZilla TV Channel, which you can also subscribe to on YouTube, on Facebook, on our Product Detail page at RevZilla.com. You know Avon has been around for over 100 years, manufacturing tires. They're out of Britain. It's a top quality product, and as always, anything that we have that's over $39 bucks, ships for free, exchange for free. No restock fees, if you need to send it back to us. And can earn TeamZilla Cash on any order over $100. Save you some money in the long run. Thanks for watching our Avon Tire Guide and Brand Overview available at RevZilla.com/avon. I'm Anthony. We'll see you next time.

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Avon AV72 Cobra Rear Tires
$127.88 - $364.92 $185.95 - $422.99 Sale 31% Off!
Avon AV71 Cobra Front Tires
$101.78 - $244.78 $146.99 - $289.99 Sale 31% Off!
Avon AV54 Trailrider Tires
$88.75 - $217.75 $124.95 - $253.95 Sale 29% Off!
Avon Roadrider AM26 Tires
$82.49 - $182.45 $115.99 - $215.95 Sale 29% Off!
Avon Storm 3D X-M Tire
$137.49 - $232.49 $192.95 - $287.95 Sale 29% Off!
Avon AM43 Distanzia Dual Sport Tires
$103.01 - $203.01 $151.95 - $251.95 Sale 32% Off!
Avon Safety Mileage MKII Rear Tires
$122.44 - $211.40 $163.99 - $252.95 Sale 25% Off!
Avon Venom-R Rear Tires
$207.05 - $378.09 $290.95 - $461.99 Sale 29% Off!
Avon AV80 3D Ultra Sport Rear Tires
$131.19 - $192.15 $163.99 - $224.95 Sale 20% Off!
Avon Roadrunner AM21 Rear Tires
$136.99 - $343.99 $191.99 - $398.99 Sale 29% Off!
Avon Roadrunner AM20 Front Tires
$113.72 - $143.72 $153.99 - $183.99 Sale 26% Off!
Avon AM43/AM44 Distanzia Supermoto Tires
$130.04 $189.95 Sale 32% Off!
Avon AV55 Storm 2 Ultra Front Radial Tires
$149.56 - $152.56 $186.95 - $189.95 Sale 20% Off!
Avon AV79 3D Ultra Sport Front Tires
$105.14 - $125.14 $147.99 - $167.99 Sale 29% Off!
Avon AM23 Rear Race Tire
$237.88 - $310.88 $304.99 - $377.99 Sale 22% Off!
Avon Speedmaster MKII Front Tires
$104.88 - $106.88 $140.99 - $142.99 Sale 26% Off!
Avon AV71 Cobra Trike Tire
$136.89 - $186.93 $191.95 - $241.99 Sale 29% Off!
Avon AV45 ST Front Tires
$90.78 - $120.82 $177.95 - $207.99 Sale 49% Off!
Avon AV80 3D Ultra SuperSport Rear Tires
$159.99 - $212.99 $199.99 - $252.99 Sale 20% Off!
Avon Gripster AM24 Tires
$95.34 - $131.30 $139.99 - $175.95 Sale 32% Off!
Avon AM18 Race Tires
$226.57 - $230.57 $290.99 - $294.99 Sale 22% Off!
Avon AV79 3D Ultra SuperSport Front Tires
$123.19 - $135.19 $153.99 - $165.99 Sale 20% Off!
Avon Viper Stryke AM63 Scooter Tires
$43.72 - $115.72 $58.99 - $130.99 Sale 26% Off!
Avon Sidecar Triple Duty Tire
$138.25 $184.95 Sale 25% Off!
Avon AM9 TT Vintage Race Tires
$164.24 - $217.24 $210.99 - $263.99 Sale 22% Off!
Avon AM26 TT Vintage Race Tires
$188.37 - $220.37 $241.99 - $273.99 Sale 22% Off!
Avon AM22 Race Tires
$195.22 - $209.22 $249.99 - $263.99 Sale 22% Off!
Avon AV82 3D Ultra Xtreme Rear Tires
$176.87 - $181.33 $290.49 - $294.95 Sale 39% Off!
Avon Special Applications Universal TT Tire
$136.46 $189.95 Sale 28% Off!
Avon Speedmaster Front Race Tires
$164.06 - $197.06 $209.99 - $242.99 Sale 22% Off!