The Arai CT-Z is a technical open-face addition to Arai’s helmet line. It proves Arai is a well-rounded brand focused on protecting all motorcyclists, not just those in the 200mph club. The CT-Z helmet has the quality you’d expect from Arai. It’s hand-made in Japan with strict requirements in every step of the build process. In addition to its DOT certification, the CT-Z is Snell rated, proving once again, Arai cuts no corners when it comes to protecting their customers. The Arai CT-Z helmet provides riders with the convenience of an open-face design, the safety of Snell and quality of Arai.

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Arai CT-Z Helmet & Accessories

Arai CT-Z Helmet
$548.95 $609.95 10% Off MSRP
4 colors available
Arai CT-Z Face Shield
$43.60 $48.45 10% Off MSRP
3 colors available
Arai CT-Z Cheek Pads
$47.65 $52.95 10% Off MSRP
Arai CT-Z Visor
$36.92 $46.15 Sale 20% Off!
4 colors available