AGV Sport Motorycle ApparelFounded in 1985, AGV Sports Group is one of the oldest rider-owned and operated apparel companies in the motorcycle industry. For more than 25 years, AGV Sport has survived by staying true to its core market of sportbike riders and road racers. Born in the early days of AGV helmets entry into the US market, AGV Sports' helmet origin gave it a unique outlook in the motorcycle apparel industry.

AGV Sports' commitment to materials and design innovation has played a major role in the evolution of the AGV Sport product line. AGV Sport products are engineered to be strong, light, abrasion resistant, cool, and comfortable. From entry-level products to world class high end professional race equipment regardless of the price, AGV Sports' design is always geared for the serious rider or racer.

In addition to the information AGV Sport collects from its world-class professional riders, a lot of input is received from AGV Sport customers and their own personal experience. AGV Sport is passionate about the sport. All of the personnel involved in product development at AGV Sport ride and are among the sport's greatest enthusiasts.

Each product is designed by riders for riders and function is never sacrificed for aesthetics. By keeping product development and design in house and using experienced riders, we are staying true to the dedicated following of advanced riders who respect the quality and value of performance driven products. AGV Sport Group creates and supplies high quality motorcycle suits, jackets, gloves and boots.

In 2001 AGV SpA recognized formally that AGVSPORT was in fact an independent brand name belonging to an independent American company. Today AGV Helmets is owned by the famed Italian apparel company Dainese.

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